Dr. Jean-Guy Mboudjeke

Dr. Jean-Guy Mboudjeke is an Associate Professor and a former Killam scholar. He holds a Ph.D in French studies (with a specialization in the sociolinguistics of translation) from Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). In his native Cameroon where he completed a BA in French and English Studies and an MA in Education, he worked as a high school teacher between 1996 and 2001.

Prior to joining the University of Windsor in 2006, Dr. Mboudjeke was a lecturer at the University of Regina (2005-2006), a course instructor at Saint Mary's University (2005) and at Dalhousie University (2001-2005). All of these appointments gave him the opportunity to teach a variety of courses including:

  • French language;
  • General Linguistics;
  • Sociolinguistics;
  • Comparative Stylistics of French and English;
  • Translation Theory and Practice.

His research interests include

  • Contrastive Discourse Analysis;
  • Translation Studies;
  • Languages in Contact;
  • Language Teaching.

He has published articles (in French and in English) in such renowned peer-reviewed academic journals as

  • Le Langage et l'homme,
  • Across Languages and Cultures,
  • The Journal of Pragmatics,
  • Linguistica Atlantica,
  • Glottopol,
  • Sudlangues,
  • Dalhousie French Studies etc.

Other articles are published in conference proceedings and as chapters in books (e.g.: Merkle et al. (2008) Traduire depuis les marges). Dr Mboudjeke has also given several papers at various national and international academic conferences.