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The Department intends to offer the following course(s) during

In accordance with Section 54 of the 2017-21 Faculty Association Collective Agreement, the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures/Langues, Littératures et Cultures invites applications from qualified individuals interested in teaching the following courses during the Winter 2022 Semester.

NOTE:  Please be aware that this course posting requires the course to be offered using alternative learning technology in an online environment.   To learn about what resources are available to learn and use these technologies please contact the Office of Open Learning or the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

All advertised course(s) are subject to change, sufficient enrolment, and budgetary approval
Listed class times may change due to unforeseen circumstances

Course FREN-1220-4 French Language Training II -- HOLD                                                                           
MW 10:00-11:20am

  • Further study of norms and functions of the French verb system, nouns, pronouns, and modifiers. Development of reading comprehension.  Oral practice and composition.

Course FREN-2220-2 French Language Training IV -- HOLD                                                                          
MW 11:30-12:50pm

  • Effective oral and written communication.  Demonstration and discussion of spoken and written codes, oral exercises ands written practice.

Course FREN-2570-1 Realism and Naturalism                                                                                            
MW 10:00-11:20am

  • A study of post-romantic prose writing in the nineteenth century.

Course FREN-3580-1 Francophone Literature of the Maghreb and Middle East                                        
MW 1:00-2:20pm

  • Introduction to Francophone literature of the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and Middle East (Lebanon).

Course GRMN 2020-01 Intensive Intermediate German                                                                            
MTWR 10:00-11:20am

  • This intensive language-training course combines the content of two courses into a single term.  Students will obtain credit for two courses.  Note:  6 hours of class time per week.  

Course JWST-3700-1 Jews and the Modern World                                                                                      
TR 11:30-12:50pm

  • An examination of Judaism through the prism of modern intellectual and social movements which Jews have embraced and of which they often have been leaders.  These include liberalism, socialism, capitalism, feminism and Zionism.  Jewish contributions to the rise of social sciences will be examined.

Course ASIA 2640 Special Topics in Chinese Literature                                                                            
MW 1:00-2:20pm

  • This course covers the development of modern Chinese literature in English translation.  Classic works and literary characters will be classified and analyzed.  Students will compare different writing genres and integrate them with the socio-cultural background of modern Chinese writers.  Students will be expected to present their own perspectives through written papers and oral presentations.  (Three lecture hours per week.)

Any academic qualifications that the successful candidate must possess to teach this course, such as: 
The successful candidate will have:

  1. A proven record of teaching excellence
  2. A record of successful teaching at the University level

To assist the committee ALL Candidates should include the following:

  • A brief statement that explains how the applicant’s teaching and research background prepares her/him to teach this particular course
  • A previous syllabus related to the subject matter or a sample syllabus of the advertised course

New Applications should include the following: (If candidate has previously taught at U of Windsor review Article 54:08 b)

  • Letter of application, including statement of citizenship/immigration status
  • A current curriculum vitae (for the Faculty Association template click here:
  • A brief statement that explains how the applicant’s teaching and research background prepares her/him to teach this course
  • A statement of teaching philosophy and interests
  • Three current letters of reference
  • Evidence of qualifications (i.e. transcripts, certification of degrees, courses taken, dissertation and thesis topic, indications of successful teaching etc.)


Candidates who have previously taught at the University in the past two (2) years (article 54:08) and have submitted their written statement of interest by March 1 annually shall be considered for all courses to which they are qualified to teach.  Those who have taught previously at the University shall not be required to complete the application form or supply letters of recommendation for each reappointment (article 54:08 b).

If you need an accommodation for any part of the application process, please notify the Office of the Dean, Ms. Janee Stallard at  Should you require further information on accommodation, please visit the website of the Office of Human Rights, Equity & Accessibility (OHREA)

Applications may be forwarded to:

Dr. Antonio Rossini,
Head, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Room 2155 Chrysler Hall North
University of Windsor,
Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4


(Subject to change, sufficient enrolment, and budgetary approval)

The University of Windsor is committed to equity in its academic policies, practices, and programs; supports diversity in its teaching, learning, and work environments; and ensures that applications from members of traditionally marginalized groups are seriously considered under its employment equity policy. Those who would contribute to the further diversification of our faculty and its scholarship include, but are not limited to, women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, members +of visible minorities, and members of sexual minority groups, are encouraged to apply and to self-identify.