Looking to add some interactivity to your course site? (Teaching with H5P)

Interactive digital learning objects – such as videos, graphics, and activities – help engage students and deepen their learning.  

We, at the Office of Open Learning can help you build custom learning objects, offer support for pedagogy and design, and provide training on free tools you can use yourself.  

Although there are a number of these tools out there, we recommend and support the use of H5P (short for HTML 5 package). 

H5P How To:

Create your free account using your UWindsor email address: https://h5pstudio.ecampusontario.ca/ 

Note that most support websites will send you to H5P.org, but to create your account, log in, and build your learning objects for free, you will need to use the H5P studio hosted by eCampusOntario.  

H5P offers the ability to create and adapt learning objects such as interactive presentations, interactive videos (questions, clickable links, notes, etc.), learning games, and much more. There are currently 52 content types available for your teaching and learning needs. 

H5P objects can also be embedded directly into websites such as Drupal sites, Pressbooks, WordPress, ePortfolios, and learning management course sites, offering a seamless experience for students.  

All material on H5P are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 4.0 International  unless otherwise noted in the licensing section.  

If you are not ready to build something yourself, you can check out the extensive catalogue where other users have shared thousands of resources you can use and, in some cases, modify.  

If you are interested in adapting existing H5P material check out their Reuse Content page. Just make sure you use the appropriate license, and credit the original work.  

One notable feature of H5P is that they strive to make most content types accessible, and are upfront about the accessibility of different content types (check out the list at this link). 

Even the drag and drop interactions are tab accessible! 

It might seem intimidating to start building these interactions, but the helpful staff in OOL will be glad to get you started! 

The interface is intuitive and there are a range of existing tutorials, an author guide, and an informative OOL blog post that may be helpful. 

If you would like support or training for H5P, please email openlearning@uwindsor.ca

Interactive video examples:

Interactive presentation:

Memory game:

Audio recorder:

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more, or would like help in developing interactive learning objects.