Faculty & Staff Permits

Parking garage

Winter - Return to Campus

As part of the Winter 2022 return to campus, all parking lot operations will resume for Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors . Permits are pro-rated for the current permit year and  valid  to June 30, 2022. 

Current parking patrons have the option to maintain or suspend their parking permit.

If maintaining, the annual permit will be automatically renewed by payroll deductions if you qualified previously for this option. Monthly payments of $84.56 (HST included).

If Parking Permit is Suspended/Cancelled:Parking on-campus is available in any of University pay and display lots or the parking garage, on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Rate is $2.00 per hour to a maximum of $10.00 per day in campus parking lots.
  • Parking will not be permitted in any faculty and staff parking lot without an annual permit.
  • All previous hangtags expire and are no longer valid effective September 1st.

Benefits of Annual Parking Permit

  • Cost savings
  • Convenient location
  • Convenience of payroll deduction, avoid daily parking fee payment
  • Guaranteed parking lot



Permits will be pro-rated to reflect the free parking for the summer months. The cost of a parking permit for Faculty/Staff on campus for September 1st, 2021, to June 30th, 2022, is $845.80 or $84.58 (HST included)

No, on-campus parking is available in any of our pay and display lots on a first come first serve basis. (See map for details and locations).

Not necessarily, you have until May 31, 2022, to decide on whether you  wish to renew your annual permit.

If you do not renew by that date, your space in the particular location will be reassigned to the next person on the waiting list.  If you decide after this date to acquire a permit, you will be put on a waiting list if the lot has no space.

Yes. The parking permit and gate access (if applicable) will need to be turned  into the Parking Services office. Once this is received, cancellation will occur,  and payroll deductions will be suspended for the next run depending on timing.

Yes, you can reinstate your permit after the initial cancellation by contacting the Parking Services office at parking@uwindsor.ca and requesting to reinstate the permit. You will receive information regarding receiving a new parking permit hangtag/gate access card (if applicable).

If you request is for an over subscribed lot such as Assumption or Leddy, you will have to wait until May 31, 2022,  to see if anyone gives up their permit permanently.   We are not accomodating any moves at this time.  Please add yourself to the waiting list below if you would like to be considered for a move at a later date.



Where do you want to park for 2021 / 2022?

Add Yourself to the Preferred Parking Waiting List

Purchase a Permit

Please complete the Faculty and Staff Parking Application (.pdf) and return it to the Campus Parking Services office, Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre - Room #106.

Parking Rates for 2021 / 2022 Academic Year

(All Prices Include HST)

Parking Period: Per Year
Faculty & Staff Lots including Garage: $1015.00

Parking Period: Per Academic Year
Faculty & Staff Lots including Garage: N/A*
Remote Lot: N/A*

Parking Period: Per Month
Faculty & Staff Lots including Garage: N/A*
Remote Lot: N/A*

Parking Period: Per Week
Faculty & Staff Lots including Garage: N/A*
Remote Lot: N/A*

Parking Period: Per Weekend
Faculty & Staff Lots including Garage: N/A*
Remote Lot: N/A*

Parking Period: Summer Pass (May - August)
Faculty & Staff Lots including Garage: N/A*
Remote Lot: N/A*

* In order for Faculty and Staff to obtain space in a Reserved Lot it is required that Faculty and Staff purchase an entire year permit.

Faculty and Staff Parking Application (.pdf)

Contact Campus Parking Services

If you have any parking related questions, please contact our office. We are located at:

Campus Parking Services
Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre, 1st Floor

(519) 253-3000 Ext. 2413

Office hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm