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License Plate Recognition (LPR)

We're excited to introduce License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology on campus. LPR is an advanced parking technology that uses a vehicle's license plate as its permit, eliminating the need for paper permits or hangtags.

Each permit can accommodate up to three registered vehicles (simultaneously), with only one vehicle permitted to park on campus at any given time. If both vehicles need to be on campus at the same time, you can make payment through HONK at one of our paid lots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

LPR, License Plate Recognition technology uses optical character recognition to automatically read license plate characters. The University of Windsor will be operating mobile LPR, which uses vehicle-mounted cameras to verify plates in all campus lots. LPR will increase the accuracy of identifying unauthorized or unregistered vehicles parked on campus. On-foot enforcement officers currently need to manually validate the license plate. This new technology automates the process and notifies parking staff of unauthorized vehicles. The addition of LPR technology is the next phase in expanding the functionality and modernization of parking services on campus. LPR is expected to improve enforcement efficiency and further protect permit holder rights.

  • When purchasing parking, users enter the license plate information of the vehicle(s), which then links the vehicle to the paid parking permit. 
  • An alphanumeric version of the license plate number is then generated and used to link the vehicle to paid parking in the University’s Parking Management system.  
  • It is the sole responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the correct license plate of the vehicle(s) parking in the correct lot/location is registered to their permit. Failure to register the correct license plate information will result in the paid parking not being linked to the vehicle parked on campus. Any vehicle parked on campus that is not linked to paid parking is subject to enforcement.  
  • Paid parking and enforcement are in effect at all times on the University of Windsor campus.

With the increased volume of vehicles on campus it’s important for us to protect the space of paying permit holders. This new technology allows us to scan the campus quickly and effectively multiple times a day and enhances our ability to provide flexible options for patrons moving forward.

License plate recognition relies on information about your vehicle to ensure that the vehicle matches the permit being used. You can update your vehicle information here: https://parkingonline.uwindsor.ca  by logging in with your UWIN ID. 

  • Multiple vehicles (up to a maximum of 3) may be registered to your permit, however only one vehicle can be parked on campus at any given time. 
  • If a single permit is being shared by multiple users and more than 1 vehicle needs to be parked on campus at the same time, the additional vehicle(s) are required to purchase their own paid parking for the time they are parking on campus.
  • A permit is valid for one (1) single vehicle to be parked on campus at any given time.  
  • If multiple vehicles are parked on campus simultaneously that are only registered to a single permit, all of those vehicles are subject to enforcement. It is the sole responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that only 1 vehicle registered to their permit is parked on campus at any given time.
  • You can update your vehicle information here: https://parkingonline.uwindsor.ca by logging in with your UWIN ID. 

You can update your vehicle information by logging in here: https://parkingonline.uwindsor.ca by using your UWIN ID. 

Loaner and rental vehicles need to be added to your account and linked to your permit. Once you return your loaned or rented vehicle, you can log back into your account and remove the vehicle. You can access your account here: https://parkingonline.uwindsor.ca and log in with your UWIN ID. 

Visitor Parking is marked in Red and Orange on the Campus Parking Map, which offers hourly or daily parking options in various locations on campus. To learn more, please visit our Visitor Parking Webpage.

There are no changes to our parking garage. For up-to-date info, please visit your corresponding page:

Our system allows you to update your account with new information and delete old information. You can access your account here: https://parkingonline.uwindsor.ca with your UWIN ID. If the vehicle you are trying to delete has a citation attached, you will not be able to delete it. If you require assistance, please contact our office at parking@uwindsor.ca.

 The LPR system employed by the University of Windsor is a third-party system that captures a photo of the license plate of each vehicle parked in a University of Windsor parking lot, streets on campus, or managed parking areas. An alphanumeric version of the license plate number is then generated and used to link the vehicle to paid parking in the University’s Permit Management system. The LPR system also captures the location of the vehicle, as well as the time and date. The photos taken by the LPR system are not of a resolution that would allow for the identification of vehicle occupants if present at the time the photo is taken.

No, the images are not saved. Photos are taken by Enforcement Officers if a citation is written.

Parking management, such as administering pay-by-plate transactions, parking enforcement functions, improving customer experiences, and parking lot utilization analysis.    Access to records created and maintained in connection with the LPR system is restricted to trained personnel only.  

Access to records created and maintained in connection with the LPR system is restricted to trained personnel only and limited to license plate data, including the software service provider as applicable.  

No, neither the system itself nor the drivers of the vehicles have access to MTO information. The system simply looks for a match between the University of Windsor parking system and the license plate that it is looking at.

All information collected through the LPR and Permit Management systems is stored, retained, and disposed of in compliance with the University’s Records Management practices.

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