Outstanding Summer 2018 for LRG Members

Dr. Loeb lecturing at Telluride ConferenceDr. Loeb at Telluride Conference

-Telluride News – Dr. Loeb and PhD student Pablo Martinez-Bulit attended the Molecular Rotors, Motors and Switches Workshop at the end of June. Pablo received the Paul Barbara Scholarship and would like to thank Mark Kozak and Cindy Fusting of the TSRC for their assistance with the application. His poster on “[5]Rotaxane Switches as Ligands for Metal-Organic Frameworks” was well received. Steve gave an invited talk updating everyone on LRG’s work on “Getting MIMs to Function Inside the Pores of MOFs”. Both Steve and Pablo also give big kudos to the organizers, Alberto Credi, Rafal Klajn, Amar Flood, and Nathalie Katsonis, for doing just a great job of putting the event together.

-ISMSC News – The 13th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry was held in Quebec City this summer from July 8-13. Dr. Loeb was a member of the local organizing committee and session chair. Research Associate Dr. Gio Baggi and PhD student Pablo Martinez-Bulit presented posters on “Photo-switching Rotaxanes” and “[5]Rotaxane Switches as Ligands for Metal-Organic Frameworks” respectively. Dr. Loeb would like to especially acknowledge the work and hospitality of THE conference organizer, Normand Voyer of Université Laval as well as Jonathan Sessler and Eric Anslyn for organizing a terrific lineup of speakers.

-CEMWOQ-5 News – LRG PhD student Alex Stirk attended the 5th Crystal Engineering and Emerging Materials Workshop of Ontario and Quebec (CEMWOQ-5) at McGill University in July. Congratulations go to Alex for receiving an ACSYNAM Travel Award to attend the conference AND for also winning the prize for Outstanding Presentation for his talk entitled “Using Reticular Synthesis to Create Robust Dynamics". Way to go Alex!!!!