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Safety Information

All group members must have completed the Laboratory Safety Orientation Checklist before they can participate in active research in any Loeb Research Group laboratory.

  • Please download the current version of the Laboratory Safety Orientation Checklist Checklist from the Department of Chemistry website.
  • Each researcher will familiarize him/herself with the LRG Standard Operating Procedures (.pdf) document as part of the requirements of completing the checklist.
  • A LRG Safety Manual has been set up for each Loeb Research Group laboratory.
  • These Manuals (black binders) are kept in Office 375-3 (Ginny‚Äôs desk).
  • Each LRG Manual contains:
    1. the completed safety documents and training records of each researcher working in that lab (i.e. the signed original of the Laboratory Safety Orientation Checklist, signed last sheet from LRG SOP, copies of emailed training certifications)
    2. University of Windsor, Laboratory Safety Manual, published by the Chemical Control Centre
    3. Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Standard Operating Procedures for all Laboratories in the Department
    4. Loeb Research Group (LRG) Standard Operating Procedures.
  • An emergency contact list including the names of all LRG laboratory safety designates is posted in each lab and will be updated each term.
  • A detailed map will be posted in each lab showing locations of the nearest safety shower, eyewash station, fire extinguisher, etc.
  • Laboratory Safety Bulletins published by the Chemical Control Centre provide further specific safety information.