Graduate Programs

Rocks similar to Stonehenge in fieldThe MA in Philosophy at the University of Windsor focuses on studies in social and political critique, broadly construed, and in reasoning and argumentation. Our program prepares students for further scholarly pursuits such as doctoral studies in philosophy or law school, and for careers in public service, public relations, policy analysis, education, or research. It provides resources for a deeply engaged intellectual, professional, and civic life.

Graduate Studies at UWindsor

Graduate Students come to Windsor for many reasons, but all receive opportunities to make important contributions through their research and professional development. UWindsor is a student-centered university that takes great pride in enabling people to make a better world through education, scholarship, research and engagement.

The University of Windsor began as Assumption College in 1857. It is a non-denominational, medium-sized, comprehensive institution. Approximately 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students attend programs as diverse as business, engineering, arts and social sciences, education, natural and human sciences, law and nursing.

UWindsor fosters an environment of close cooperation between faculty and students, creating an atmosphere of excellence across all of its faculties to encourage lifelong learning, teaching, research and discovery. Its basic characteristics of openness, warmth and support make UWindsor a welcoming community for students and faculty from around the globe.