Mission Statement

The Philosophy program at the University of Windsor has three components: teaching, research, and service. Each of these components is directed towards the education of students, the welfare of the University and the broader community, and to the development of the discipline of philosophy. The program has the following aims:

  • to teach philosophy majors and graduate students as well as non-specialists
  • to provide students with the opportunity for advanced practice in philosophical interpretation, evaluation, and communication
  • to foster the development of students who are reflective about their own lives and the world in which they live
  • to contribute its expertise to the University and to the broader community
  • to advance philosophical research and scholarship

The Philosophy program places special importance on equity, diversity and inclusiveness as guiding principles for the education of students, the welfare of communities, and the development of philosophy in general. In keeping with this, the Department of Philosophy advocates that its members, i.e. faculty, staff and students, respect the principles of equity, diversity and inclusiveness that it takes as its guide.