Erin Ward


Erin WardIn the course of completing my degree in Philosophy at the University of Windsor, I developed an interest in finding ways to make the concepts I had been exploring more accessible to a general audience. To pursue this interest, I applied and was accepted into the Master of Journalism program at the University of British Columbia. I explained in my statement of interest how philosophy and journalism could enrich one another; philosophy provides important context in which to situate current issues and events and fosters a deeper understanding of them, and journalism offers forums through which these pairings can be made as well as providing techniques that lend themselves well to translating abstract concepts into more concrete and digestible forms. It is my degree in philosophy that qualifies me to take this interdisciplinary approach and that makes the projects I proposed to the UBC School of Journalism credible possibilities.

The journalism program at UBC has a strong theoretical component, and I credit my background in philosophy with making me a stronger applicant as it indicates that I am well-equipped to make valuable contributions to theoretical discussions. A degree in philosophy tends to indicate highly developed reasoning and critical-thinking skills that I believe make philosophy graduates appealing for a range of graduate programs and careers.