Program Checklists

Below are checklists of course requirements for each of our programs that students will find helpful in planning their courses. These will be updated if and when the department makes changes to program requirements, and these are all current For Fall 2022. Students with questions about program requirements and specific courses should contact the department's undergraduate program chair and academic advisor. 

BA(H) International Relations and Development Studies - /political-science/sites/

BA(H) Political Science Combined - /political-science/sites/

BA(H) Political Science with French Specialization - /political-science/sites/

BA(G) Political Science General - /political-science/sites/

BA(G) - Concurrent (Political Science)/Bachelor of Education - /political-science/sites/

BA(H) - Political Science - /political-science/sites/

BA(H) - Political Science with Co-op - /political-science/sites/

BA(H) - Law and Politics - /political-science/sites/