Future Students FAQ

Deadline for Fall: June 1st (International students are required to apply no later than February 1st). For consideration of all scholarships, students should apply by February 1st.

Deadline for Winter: September 1st (International students are required to apply no later than May 1st)

No, this is not one of our admission requirements.

No, we are no longer accepting student applications to comence in the January Winter session.  We will only be accepting new students in the Fall of each year.

It is possible to complete our MA programs on a part-time basis; however, it is not possible to complete program requirements if you are only available in the evening. There are very few evening classes. There is no difference in the application and program requirements for part-time students.

It is possible for an MA student to be hired as a graduate teaching assistant (GA); however, it is not guaranteed with admission. There are external fellowships that MA students may bring with them to the program (such as OGS and CGS). We also have some entrance scholarships. For more information on funding visit our scholarship and awards page: Scholarships and Awards | Faculty of Graduate Studies (uwindsor.ca)  https://www.uwindsor.ca/graduate-studies/456/scholarships-and-awards

The Major Research Paper and Thesis streams are one-year full time programs (3 semesters). Coursework is completed in 8 months, beginning in September. Research and writing for thesis/MRP are done in the summer and can be defended before September, however, most students defend in the Fall.

You will find information regarding tuition (domestic and international) at Tuition Fee Estimator | Finance Department (uwindsor.ca)

Students applying with degrees completed in other countries sometimes have difficulty assessing their credentials. We have an equivalency list, which can help with a basic assessment, available at:

If you don’t meet the admission requirements, it may make you less competitive and, in some cases, inadmissible. Most applications do not meet or exceed all admission requirements. Some applicants are admitted conditionally to successfully complete qualifying coursework. If you do not complete qualifying courses as advised, it does not guarantee admission to the program. It is not possible to determine in advance how strong the group of applicants in the year you are applying will be.

Minimum TOEFL: IBT-100

Minimum IELTS: 7.0

Minimum Pearson: 68

Minimum MELAB: 84

Minimum CAEL: 70

No, a supervisor is selected after the course work has been completed.

In such cases, we recommend that you take several 300-400-level courses in Political Science, as a non-degree student. Succeeding in these courses will demonstrate that you’re capable of succeeding in our M.A. program. Please note that for admission we do require a political science background, typically 2 years of full-time in Political Science, or the equivalent.

The graduate timetable is released in the Spring for Fall and in November for Winter. You should begin to sign up for courses electronically, on the university’s system (known as Uwinsite) as soon as we make courses available. All students must take POLS 8000 (Scope and Approaches to Political Science). Students can take one course outside the department.

In this section of your application, you should explain your research interests with reference both to your previous studies and the academic work you plan to undertake at the University of Windsor. It is also reasonable to indicate how your proposed studies fit into a larger career or personal trajectory.

For admission to the MA program, we normally expect a B+ cumulative GPA or above. We consider improvement over the course of your undergraduate career.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assess an application before all the components have been submitted officially through the UWindsor application system. The transcript is only one element of the overall application.