Political Science at UWindsor

Course Descriptions and Grading

The Faculty of Graduate Studies requires that students maintain at least a 70 grade point average at all times (B- in the former letter-based grading scale). Students whose average falls below this level will be reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies academic standing committee and may be asked to withdraw from the program. Students may receive a grade below 70 in a graduate class but can only count one course in which a grade in the below-70 range was secured towards the completion of their degree, subject to the approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies academic standing committee.

If a student fails to obtain credit in a course, he/she may repeat the course once only at the discretion of the Political Science Graduate Committee and the Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies. No student may repeat, or replace with another course, more than two one-semester courses in which credit was not obtained in the first instance.

View the Graduate Calendar for Course Descriptions. Although all courses listed will not necessarily be offered in any given year, the department typically offers at least seven graduate courses each semester.

The Political Science department allows its M.A. students to take one graduate course outside of the department. Students must first secure the permission of the Political Science Graduate Chair, as well as the permission of the instructor/department offering the course. In these instances, the student must ask the Graduate Chair to write a letter to the Faculty of Graduate Studies asking that the course count towards completion of their degree.

A detailed list of examination and grading procedures for graduate courses.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies' policy on Authorship and Plagiarism.