Political Science at UWindsor

Students and Alumni

Students in the Department of Political Science are involved in a wide and exciting range of activities and organizations in Windsor, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world, and take advantage of internship, international exchange, and volunteer opportunities offered through the department and the university.

Following graduation, many of our majors have continued their studies in M.A. and Ph.D. programs, and recent Political Science and International Relations graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees at schools such as the University of Michigan, Princeton University, the University of Chicago, and Carleton University’s Norman Patterson School of International Affairs.

Many others continue into law school or begin working toward a long-term career in public service, foreign affairs, or the private sector.

Are you a current or prospective UWindsor Political Science/IR student?

You can read about student news and events, including information on upcoming department events, internships and other academic opportunities, and what your colleagues in Political Science and International Relations are up to. You can also participate in the activities of the Political Science Society (PSS). While their official homepage is under construction, you can check them out on Twitter https://twitter.com/uwindsorpss, Instagram: https://wopita.com/uwinpss  or send them an email at polisocsociety@uwindsor.ca.  If you are a prospective student preparing to enter university, please fill out a short online form so you can receive more in-depth information on our programs and our university.

Are you a UWindsor Political Science/IR graduate?

If you are a graduate of our department, we would love to hear from you about how you've put your degree to work and on what kinds opportunities and career paths have opened for you with your Windsor Political Science or International Relations degree.

If you'd like to be spotlighted, please email us and let us know.