Scholarships and Financial Awards

University Entrance Awards

The University of Windsor offers a range of entrance scholarships for which you may be eligible when you apply and accept a place at the university.  These include the Open Entrance Awards.  Students entering directly from full-time secondary school who have achieved academic excellence are considered for automatic entrance scholarships.

For more information on these and other university scholarships and awards, please visit STUDENT AWARDS AND FINANCIAL AID

Department Entrance and In-Program Awards

The Department of Political Science has over 15 scholarships and awards that are exclusively for students in one of the department's degree program.  These include:

  • Walter C. Soderlund Award in Political Science
  • Bruce Burton International Relations Scholarship
  • Martha Lee Scholarship for Political Science

You can use the University's UWinAward Search to look for Political Science scholarships and awards for which you may be eligible. Awards are available for students in different years and different Political Science degrees, including for example, Law and Politics, International Relations and Development Studies.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistant positions may be available to undergraduate students in their third and fourth year.  Students in third and fourth year should check the department's website here and/or contact the department secretaries at the beginning of each semester to ask about the availability of Teaching Assistantships.