Facilities & Resources

The Department of Psychology is primarily located on the University of Windsor campus in Chrysler Hall South, and the Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC) building.

The majority of graduate courses are taught in these spaces.

Laboratory Facilities

Research facilities in the Psychology Department are extensive and adaptable for a wide range of research. Rooms in the department are equipped with computers, printers, and psychosocial and neuropsychological software, digital recorders and projectors, one-way mirrors, as well as audio-video recording and transcribing equipment for both research and training purposes. Many faculty members maintain labs with specialized equipment, and provide opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to become involved in research. Students in the Clinical Program have access to a well-stocked clinical test library that is managed by the Psychology Department. This is used in conjunction with the graduate assessment courses.

Work Space for Graduate Students

All graduate students have access to shared workspace and computers and to faculty research laboratories. The recently renovated Barb Zakoor Graduate Student Lounge consists of a large room that contains computers, tables, chairs, and carrels for graduate student use. There are also five separate smaller offices that adjoin the larger room that are used for training and can be booked for private use by graduate students. Students may apply for office carrels in the library, with senior graduate students given preference if space is limited. Practicum students at the PSRC share offices and computers for recording their clinical notes, and another large room is used as a lounge.

Computer Facilities

The University of Windsor has wireless access to the Internet throughout the campus. The university runs a high-speed Ethernet backbone network connecting all faculty and staff offices, classrooms and laboratories. The Psychology Department currently has a 10MB shared switch. The backbone connects to a 9MB link to the Internet and also has a seamless dedicated high-speed connection to the CANet3 network. The Psychology Department maintains a computer laboratory that includes 16 computers with word processing and statistical programs, and laser printers. This lab is used for teaching and research. In addition, several faculty members provide students with access to computers in their labs. A variety of computers and terminals are available in the Information Technology facility and in the departmental microcomputer laboratory.

The Student Counselling Centre

All students seeking psychological services at the University of Windsor should go to the Student Counselling Centre (SCC), Room 293, CAW Centre. The SCC provides assessment, crisis, and short-term counselling/psychotherapy. If longer-term therapy is indicated, the SCC will provide a referral to the Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC). The Faculty of Graduate Studies also has a part-time counsellor available for students.

The Psychological Services and Research Centre

The Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC) is a training facility for the University of Windsor’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. The PSRC is a campus and community clinic that provides services to a variety of populations via different training opportunities. The PSRC is connected with an international network of Universities that provide opportunities for sharing data and conducting psychotherapy research. For decades the PSRC has consisted of a number of houses on Sunset Avenue. 

Applied Training in the Community

Numerous government and community agencies, organizations, hospitals, and mental health clinics in the Windsor and Detroit area provide practicum placements and applied training for graduate students in both the Applied Social and Clinical Programs. In the past five years, for example, students in the Applied Social Program have participated in practicum placements in organizations such as the City of Windsor, Campus Police, and the Windsor-Essex Health Unit. Students in the Clinical Program have received practicum training at 30 different organizations providing general and specialized mental health services for adults, children, adolescents, and families.

The Leddy Library

The University of Windsor’s Leddy Library is fully automated with Voyager, the integrated online library catalogue. The library’s website is the gateway to the library catalogue, the library’s collection, and library services. The library has subscriptions to 1,200+ full text print and electronic journals in psychology and related disciplines and a number of research finding tools including PsychINFO, Cognet, PsycArticles, and Scopus. These resource tools can be accessed in the library or at one of over 200 computer workstations campus wide as well as from home or any remote location. One university librarian is assigned the Psychology Department portfolio and provides direct support to psychology faculty and graduate students. One faculty member has library liaison responsibilities.