University of Windsor Statement on Israel-Gaza

University of Windsor statement

The University of Windsor has been shocked and saddened by the unfathomable loss of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives. We vehemently condemn violence, terrorism, and war crimes, especially acts targeting innocent civilians, families and children. This includes the heinous acts committed by Hamas against Israeli citizens and the profound suffering endured by Palestinian civilians.   

We acknowledge and empathize with the profound anger, genuine fears, heartfelt concerns, and shared grief voiced by individuals who have personal ties to the region, as well as those whose lives are affected, both locally and globally. Together with the international community, we stand in unity, advocating for a peaceful resolution.  

Our community comprises individuals from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and all University of Windsor community members possess the right to express their views in alignment with our Freedom of Expression Policy. The University is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining an environment where everyone can express their viewpoints and feel safe, respected, and valued.  

As such, it is critically important that the University avoids adopting institutional stances on intricate political or global issues that fall beyond its immediate purview of education, research, and scholarship. As well, it is not the role of the University to adjudicate among different opinions or judgments. As a University, we continue to advocate for mutual respect, peaceful gatherings, and harmony.  

The University is aware, through national media and social platforms, of instances of violence, discrimination, bullying, intimidation, and various forms of hate directed at individuals from diverse backgrounds. We unequivocally condemn these actions and urge the University of Windsor community to abstain from participating in such behavior. We are committed to upholding the University's harassment policy and Student Code of Conduct.  

Our campus is a place for learning, where open and respectful discussions are encouraged. It is vital that these discussions never turn into expressions of hatred. We encourage all community members to engage in open dialogue and actions that promote better understanding, compassion, and unity. 

The University is committed to supporting everyone with the utmost respect and care. We continue to remind our community of the numerous resources and supports in place, including counseling services, student organizations and faculty and staff members who are available to provide support and information.