TA and GA postings

Faculty of Science – FORENSIC SCIENCE

In accordance with Article 12:01 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement the Faculty of Science invites applications for TA positions for Winter term 2024.

The total number of projected Teaching Assistantship position for Winter term 2024 is 1 TA position for a total of 40 hours. All positions are subject to sufficient enrolment and final budgetary approval.

List of courses that may utilize Teaching Assistants for Winter term 2024:

LAWS-2190 Forensic Evidence and the Canadian Legal System
1 TA for 40 hrs
Lecture: W 8:30-11:30am
Synchronous online
Feb 19 to Apr. 30, 2024

Refer to the timetable (www.uwindsor.ca/registrar/timetable-information) for class and exam hours and location.

Expected TA duties:

Students may be asked to assist in preparations and demonstrations for lectures, in marking assignments and/or midterms and exams, in online monitoring of discussions and class participation, and in proctoring of exams. Other duties may be assigned, such as set-up time immediately preceding classes.

Assistants cannot commence their GA/TA duties until email confirmation of the approval of their contract is received from Human Resources (email titled “Authorization to Commence GA/TA Duties”).

TA employees are expected to make themselves available to report for all assigned duties, both in-person/on-campus and remote/online duties. Most classes across the University are held face-to-face on campus or have a face-to-face component. Refer to the University’s current health and safety regulations.

Eligibility requirements:

Successful applicants must be available to attend at the specified time of the course/exams and to report for all assigned duties, which may include both in-person/on-campus and remote/online duties.

TA appointments shall be offered to qualified applicants in accordance with the criteria specified in Article 12:04 of the CUPE4580 Collective Agreement.  

To be eligible for a Teaching Assistantship you must be a registered undergraduate student:

  • must be registered for the term of work at the time of hiring
  • must maintain registration throughout the term and must be in good standing in the degree program

Teaching Assistants can be employed for no more than 100 TA hours per semester total per Article 14 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement. If you already hold or have applied for another TA position (in this or another department) note that the total combined hours for all TA appointments held in all departments cannot exceed 100 hours for the Winter term period (Jan. 1st to Apr. 30th).

Required essential qualifications: 

Successful applicants must meet all essential qualifications.

  • Must be registered as a LAW student
  • Must have a major GPA of 75%.
  • Must have an understanding of Charter (search & seizure) law and rule of evidence.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must be available to attend the lecture classes at the specified times.
  • Must be available, or able to make alternate arrangements for proctoring of mid-term and final exam.

Application forms are available from the following webpage: TA and GA postings | Faculty of Science (uwindsor.ca)

Completed applications must be submitted via email to:

  Dr. Shari Forbes
  Program Chair

For any questions please contact: forensic@uwindsor.ca

Deadline for receiving applications: January 23, 2024

In pursuit of the University of Windsor’s Employment Equity Plan, members from the designated groups (Women, Aboriginal Peoples, Visible Minorities, Persons with Disabilities, and Members of Sexual Minorities) are encouraged to apply. 

Date posted: January 16, 2024

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