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Forensic Science Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions Available – WINTER 2021



In accordance with Article 12:01 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement the Faculty of Science invites applications for TA positions in Forensic Science for the Winter 2021 term. The total number of Teaching Assistantships (50-75 hours each) allocated to the Forensic Science programs for the Winter 2021 term is 10, for a total of 550 hours.

List of courses that may utilize Teaching Assistants for the Winter 2021 term:

FRSC 2007 - 01 Introduction to Forensic Science
MW 5:30pm – 6:50pm Online
2 TA positions for 50 hrs

FRSC 2007 - 91 Introduction to Forensic Science
Distance Education (no scheduled class time)
2 TA positions for 50 hrs

FRSC 3101 - 1 Laboratory in Forensic Science
Tu 10:00 am – 12:50 pm Online
1 TA position for 75 hrs

FRSC 3105 - 1 Forensic Identification
Th 11:30 am - 2:20 pm Online
1 TA position for 75 hrs

FRSC 3111 - 1 Digital Photography in Forensic Science
Fr 2:30 pm – 5:20 pm
2 TA positions for 50 hrs

FRSC 3217 – 91 Forensic Serology and DNA Applications
Distance Education (no scheduled class time)
1 TA position for 50 hrs

FRSC 4237-91 Bioterrorism, Food and Environmental Forensics
Distance Education (no scheduled class time)
1 TA position for 50 hrs

*Duration – January 4, 2021 - April 30, 2021. All positions are subject to sufficient enrolment and final budgetary approval.

Expected TA duties:

Students may be asked to assist in preparations and demonstrations for lectures and laboratories, in marking assignments and/or midterms and exams, in online monitoring of discussions and class participation, and in proctoring of exams. Other duties may be assigned, including set-up time immediately preceding classes or laboratories.

TA Eligibility requirements:

TA appointments shall be offered to qualified applicants in accordance with the criteria specified in Article 12:04 of the Collective Agreement. To be eligible for a Teaching Assistantship you must be a registered student:

  • must be registered for the term of work at the time of hiring
  • must maintain registration throughout the term and must be in good standing in the degree program

Note that Teaching Assistants cannot be employed for more than 100 hours per semester total. If you already hold or have applied for another TA position (in this or another department) note that the total combined hours for all TA appointments held in all departments cannot exceed 100 hours for the Winter term period (January 4 to April 30, 2020).

Required Essential Qualifications

  • Must be able to attend the (online) lecture and lab classes at the specified times.
  • Must be available, or able to make alternate arrangements, for proctoring of final exam
  • Must have taken course previously and obtained 80%.
  • If applying for FRSC 3111 must be willing and able to come onto campus
  • If applying for FRSC 3105 must be willing and able to meet with instructor on and off campus in order to assist in preparations and online demonstrations. Transportation may be required to an off-campus site.
  • Registered in a BFS or BA (Combined) Forensics program

Preferred Qualifications

  • Completion of BIOL 2023 if applying for FRSC 3217
  • Completion of FRSC 2100 and FRSC 3101 if applying for FRSC 3217 and FRSC 4237

Application forms are available by contacting science@uwindsor.ca

Return completed application forms to:  science@uwindsor.ca

Deadline for receiving applications:

November 23, 2020, by 4:00 pm

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