Sessional Appointments

Forensic Science Sessional Appointment – Winter 2024

The Faculty of Science invites applications from qualified individuals who are interested in teaching the following courses:

FRSC 2007-91 Overview of Forensic Science

This course will introduce students to the various specializations of forensic science including forensic pathology; entomology; anthropology; toxicology; digital forensics; as well as DNA, blood stain and fingerprint analysis. The students will learn the theory and practices of forensic evidence identification and analysis. The course may not be used to fulfill the major requirements of any major or concentration in a forensic program. 

FRSC 2101-01 Applied Crime Scene Techniques

This course will involve the application of techniques used in the field of Crime Scene Investigation. The course will provide students with an introduction to the ethical, legal and professional practice requirements in forensic investigations. It will expand on the student’s prior knowledge relating to evidence identification, collection and processing, by introducing practical laboratories that teach the student how to enhance, recover, and interpret evidence typically located at crime scenes. This can include fingerprint, footwear and tire impressions; firearms discharge residue; toolmarks; and basic bloodstain patterns. (3 lecture hours, 3 lab hours). This course is restricted to students enrolled in a forensic science major program.


Mondays 7:00pm – 9:50pm (LEC)
Thursdays 5:30pm – 8:20pm (LAB)

FRSC 3105-01 Forensic Identification

Forensic identification personnel are responsible for the management of crime scenes and the documentation and collection of physical and trace evidence. This course is intent on providing students an understanding of forensic identification concepts and advanced crime scene examination techniques. The forensic identification discipline is an integral component within the forensic sciences community.


Fridays 2:30pm – 5:20pm (LEC/LAB)

FRSC 3217-01 Forensic Serology and DNA Applications

This course introduces the detailed types, techniques, and analysis of the various important biological fluids and DNA. The course will provide insight into new emerging technologies and tools in forensic serological and DNA analysis. The course will also be important in understanding the issues and ethics involved in the analysis and presentation of these evidence types in court. Pre-requisites FRSC-1100 or Instructor Approval.

DISTANCE EDUCATION (One 3-hr lecture per week)

Asynchronous online

*The courses above are subject to budgetary approval and sufficient enrollment.


Applications must include:

  • A letter of interest in the position
  • Letters of reference: two for internal candidates and three for external candidates
  • A resume/CV outlining relevant casework, experience, and training in policing or forensic laboratory services.
  • A teaching portfolio demonstrating evidence of teaching excellence. For example: SET scores or other teaching evaluations, course outlines, graduate courses taken, dissertation or thesis topics, evidence of successful teaching, or/and evidence of professional experience.
  • Specific Requirements by course that should be clearly highlighted in the resume/CV:
    • FRSC 2101-01: demonstrated qualifications as a forensic identification specialist (e.g. through the Ontario Police College) with crime scene field experience.  
    • FRSC 3105-01: demonstrated qualifications as a forensic identification specialist (e.g. through the Ontario Police College) with crime scene field experience. 
    • FRSC 3217-01: demonstrated qualifications as a forensic biologist with casework experience in a forensic laboratory.

 Note: Applicants that have submitted application packages for the FRSC 2007, FRSC 3105 or FRSC 3217 courses within the last 12 months may choose not to resubmit the same material(s) or may choose to submit modified versions to provide additional information regarding the required qualifications and experience. However, applicants must submit a new application package for FRSC 2101 demonstrating the required qualifications and experience for this new course.

Please submit your application to the attention of:        

Forensic Science Program Chair, Dr. Shari Forbes, at:

Deadline for receiving applications: Friday, September 22, 2023 at 4:00pm

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