Graduate Assistantship Positions

GA Notice Summer 2023  

Application for Assistantship


Full-time doctoral and Master's students in eligible programs may be offered a Graduate Assistantship (GA) for up to 140 hours per term. Under the current GA/TA collective agreement, a Master’s students who is offered a GA position will receive GA support for a total of three terms, and a doctoral student - for seven terms. One additional GA term may be provided depending on availability. The value of a full 140-hour Master's GA is $5,520.20 per term and a doctoral GA - $6,150.20 per term (rates as of Sept. 1, 2021).

M II – $39.43 per hour

PhD – $43.93 per hour

(Above rates include 4% vacation pay. A TA/GA will receive 4% or 6% vacation pay based on their years of employment in accordance with the Employment Standards Act.)

  • Note that GAs are paid employment positions - for details review the information about employment of graduate students.
  • Notices of available GA positions are posted on the departmental website before the beginning of the term. For available positions contact the graduate department or program where you are interested in applying for a GA position