About Us

Economics is often referred to as the Dismal Science.  It is a fascinating area whose ideas appear in different disguises in many subjects and many professions.

At UWindsor, we specialize in:

  • Microeconomics focuses on the consumption and production of goods and services as well as considering the merits of various means of allocating these goods between competing users.
  • Macroeconomics focuses on issues related to inflation, unemployment, interest rates, exchange rates, economic growth and distribution on a national or international scale. 
  • Econometrics focuses on the means of manipulating data to infer reliable conclusions from data. These basic ideas are necessary to study specific issues and are extended in more advanced classes.

Not sure what program is for you?

Many students want to understand Economics even if they do not intend to specialize in it. For this reason, a number of programs offer interesting and useful combinations. The most popular choices are:

What career options are available after graduation?

Graduates with a degree in Economics have successful in the following fields:

Research assistants for banks; brokers for brokerage and investment firms; actuarial careers for insurance companies; pension funds or government agencies; teaching at college or university; teaching elementary or secondary school; working for local, provincial or federal government; manager for human resources; industry relations and labour officers; law; market research; private research and consulting; forensic economics; international economics.

Students are encouraged to visit the Career Development and Experiental Learning Office to explore valuable resources and workshops geared to provide support along the journey towards a successful career.