Graduate Programs

Master of Arts - Economics

The University of Windsor offers a one-year M.A. program in Economics, intended for students with a honours degree in Economics, and offers a two-year M.A. program in Economics intended for students with a general degree in Economics or for students with a degree in another discipline and some quantitative training.

The Master of Arts - Economics program offers a rigorous training that prepares the students for Ph.D. programs and work in the non-academic sectors. Small class sizes give students the opportunity to work closely, in and out of the classroom, with faculty members.

You can find graduates from our M.A. program in Ph.D. programs at Rice University, University of Texas, Louisiana State University, University of Alberta, University of Western Ontario, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, Guelph University, McMaster University and University of Manitoba, among others.

You can also find our graduates in non-academic jobs in the public and private sectors, for instance at J.P. Morgan, Ernst and Young, the Jin Mao Group, Industry Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

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Master of Applied Economics and Policy (MAEP)

The Master of Applied Economics and Policy (MAEP) is designed to offer a unique combination of courses designed for students who wish to apply the theory and techniques of economics to the analysis of practical problems in a variety of fields. The degree will provide students with the graduate-level knowledge and skills related to applications of economic theory in policy-making, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Unlike the Master of Arts Degree in Economics, the MAEP is NOT an intermediate step to the Ph.D.
This course-based graduate program is intended primarily to those who want advanced training in economics in order to qualify for jobs in government or private organizations that require greater expertise than is provided by an undergraduate degree and those who wish to study economics as a complement to their work in another field (public health, natural resources, industrial relations, business administration, and other fields). The successful completion of this degree will enable students to find positions in industry, government, think tanks, and international organizations.
The Master of Applied Economics and Policy (MAEP) provides students with a solid understanding of the fundamental tools of economic analysis to conduct rigorous analysis of government policy and business projects. The program places special emphasis in preparing students to utilize large amounts of data available to professionals in government and business through the use of econometrics and other quantitative techniques.
This sixteen-month program provides you with the skills you need to apply the tools of economic analysis to real-world issues in both public and business sectors. Our setup is flexible enough to meet the needs of working professionals who wish to attend part-time.

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