Get Involved

Discover UWindsor's vibrant community by getting involved in our clubs and student unions! These extracurricular activities offer invaluable networking opportunities, skill development, and personal growth. Through participation, students find a sense of belonging, advocate for their rights, and enrich their university experience culturally and intellectually.

Join us in shaping a dynamic and inclusive campus environment where every student can thrive.

The Economics Students' Association is a group of students who strive for excellence academically, professionally, and through application.

Why join the ESA?

  • networking opportunities
  • peer to peer support throughout each term
  • study sessions
  • fun events and activities

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The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) is a legally-incorporated, non-profit, student-run organization. The UWSA is the undergraduate student government that represents the student voice, advocates students’ interests to the University and all levels of government, and provides services that enhance your student experience. They provide all-things student life, from clubs and societies, campus services, social justice campaigns, and student jobs.

Every UWindsor full-time undergraduate student is a member of the UWSA, and is encouraged to take advantage of their membership.

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The Organization of Part-time University Students (OPUS) is a student association that provides services and advocacy for the University of Windsor part-time undergraduate students. OPUS has a long history on campus and was established in 1969 to provide a means for part-time students to have their voices heard on campus.

OPUS believes that part-time students have different needs, concerns, and problems distinct from those of the rest of the undergraduate student body. These students work hard to balance their many responsibilities of home, family, work, and education.

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The Graduate Student Society (GSS) is the official representative organization of all graduate students at the University of Windsor, including part-time and full-time students.

Elected representatives of the GSS actively represent and advocate for graduate students’ interests at different levels of the University institution and committees. Moreover, GSS offers programs, services, events and access to important resources to enhance the student experience.

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