Sang-Chul Suh

Dr. Sang-Chul Suh

Department Head

Office Location: 6105 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2368

Research: Social Choice Theory, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory

Marcelo Aarestrup Arbex

Dr. Marcelo Aarestrup Arbex


Office Location: 7113 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2389
Email: arbex@uwindsor.ca

More info: Personal website
Research: Macroeconomics, Fiscal and Monetary Economics, Informal Activities, Tax Evasion

Steven Chen

Dr. Ruoyu (Steven) Chen

Assistant Professor

Office Location: 6116 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2389
Email: Ruoyu.Chen@uwindsor.ca

More info: Personal website
Research: Environmental and Energy Economics, Urban Economics, Developmental Economics

Tarek Jouini

Dr. Tarek Jouini

Associate Professor

Office Location: 6113 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2381
Email: tjouini@uwindsor.ca

Research: Econometrics, Finite Sample and Simulation-Based Inference, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics

Dingding Li

Dr. Dingding Li

Associate Professor
Director, MA Programs (both M1 and M2)

Office Location: 6112 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2383
Email: dli@uwindsor.ca

Research: Econometrics, Nonparametric Econometrics

Jay Rhee‚Äč

Dr. Jay (Hyuk-jae) Rhee

Undergraduate Advisor

Office Location: 6117 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2385
Email: jayrhee@uwindsor.ca

Research: International Economics, Monetary Economics, Quantitative Methods


Dr. Nurlan Turdaliev

Director, MAEP Program

Office Location: 7109 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 
Email: nurlan@uwindsor.ca

More info: Personal website
Research: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Game Theory


Dr. Christian Trudeau


Office Location: 7112 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2374
Email: trudeauc@uwindsor.ca

More info: Personal website
Research: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

Chris Houser

Dr. Yuntong Wang


Office Location: 6109 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2382
Email: yuntong@uwindsor.ca

Research: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Cost Sharing

Yahong Zhang

Dr. Yahong Zhang

Assistant Professor

Office Location: 7111 Lambton Tower
Office Ext. 2406
Email: yzhang@uwindsor.ca

More info: Personal website
Research: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Labour Economics

Sessional Instructors


Office #: 7116 Lambton Tower

Phone extension: 2373


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office #: 106 Dillon Hall

Phone extension: 3457


Dr. Brunet completed a PhD at the University of Toronto in Higher Education, and a Master of Arts in Communication Technology from the University of Alberta. His research includes disseminating practical applications for human development in higher education. As an instructor, Tim has taught courses such as Speech Communication to Inform, courses about the Human Development and Capabilities Approach (relevant to economic philosophy), environmental communication, and courses about communication technology. Tim leads the Outstanding Scholars program, the UWill Discover Sustainable Futures project and coordinates student leadership activities for the University of Windsor's Student Success and Leadership Centre. Tim has presented papers and initiatives throughout Canada, Michigan and the United Kingdom including the University of Oxford and the University College London. As the Canadian representative for the North American Network of the Human Development and Capability Approach and a member of the International Leadership Association, he is well-connected to global frameworks regarding human development and leadership. Find more information at https://www.linkedin.com/in/timbrunet/


Office #: 6115 Lambton Tower

Phone extension: 2378


Office#:  6111 Lambton Tower

Phone extension:  2371


Office #: 6115 Lambton Tower

Phone extension: 2378


Office #: 7115 Lambton Tower

Phone extension: 2369


Office: #6114 Lambton Tower

Phone Extension: 2376


Office #: 7116 Lambton Tower

Phone extension: 2373


Dr. Vladimir Bajic
Associate Professor
Email: vbajic@uwindsor.ca
Research: Urban Economics Housing