Dr. Maria Cioppa

Associate Professor

Paleomagnetism and Rock Magnetism of Hydrocarbon-associated Rocks, Environmental Magnetism

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3P4, Canada

(519) 253-3000 x2502
Fax: (519) 973-7081 
Room 103a Memorial Hall

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  • B.Sc. Carleton University, Canada, 1990
  • M.Sc. University of Victoria, Canada, 1992
  • Ph.D. Lehigh University, U.S.A., 1997

Awards & Recognition

  • Undergraduate Teaching Award - Earth Sciences 2005
  • Premier's Research Excellence Award 2003


  • 03-61-230 Plate Tectonics and the Earth's Interior
  • 03-66-327 Structural Geology
  • 03-61-554 Applied Geophysical Techniques
  • 03-67-280 Field Measurement and Mapping Techniques
  • 03-67-370 Climate Change
  • 03-61-280 Geology Field Measurements and Field Mapping
  • 03-66-300 Scientific Writing and Data Management
  • 03-66-202 Earth Materials
  • 03-66-110 Natural Hazards and Disasters


Principal Research Interests

  • Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism in hydrocarbon-associated rocks
  • Causes of remagnetization in sedimentary rocks
  • Environmental magnetism

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Determining the nature of remagnetizations: examination of causative variables in the Williston Basin
  • Paleomagnetic and rock magnetic studies of hydrocarbon source rocks in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
  • Magnetic properties of oil sands in drill core


Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Laboratories Equipment

  • 2G cryogenic magnetometer
  • Magnetics Measurement TSD-1 thermal demagnetizer
  • Sapphire Instruments impulse magnetizer
  • Sapphire Instruments AF demagnetizer with DC coil for ARM measurements
  • Sapphire Instruments susceptibility meter
  • Bartington field susceptibility suite and dual-frequency sensor
  • Geometrics cesium gradiometer with DGPS
  • AGICO Kappabridge KLY-3 susceptibility meter with furnace and low temperature attachment 


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  • Hatfield, Robert; Cioppa, Maria; Trenhaile, Alan, Sediment sorting and beach erosion along a coastal foreland: Magnetic measurements in Point Pelee National Park, Ontario, Canada, Sedimentary Geology, 231, 63-73, 2010.
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Students and Postdocs

Current Graduate Students

Hart, Janet      M.Sc.
Geophysical Investigations at Landfill #3

Szabo, Erika       Ph.D.    (University of Western Ontario)
Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism of Red River carbonates, Williston Basin   

Yurtseven, Ayca     Ph.D.
Environmental Magnetism in Mining related areas

Past Graduate Students

Sapkota, Birendra   Ph.D.   2012
Environmental Magnetism: Soils and Plants

Gallaway, Eric      M.Sc.   2011
Sediment Transport on Beaches

Zhang, Shuwei    Ph.D. (Co-supervisor)   2010
Beach Sediment tracking and sourcing

Cascadden, Shelie     M.Sc.     2007
Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism of the rocks of the Trenton-Black River Groups, Dover Field Southwestern Ontario

Garner, Nicoli     M.Sc.    2006
Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism of the Ordovician Trenton-Black River formations in Ontario

Igbokwe, Blessing     M.Sc.     2005
Magnetic mapping of Point Pelee beaches

Past Postdocs

Hatfield, Robert    2008-2009
Environmental Magnetism: Point Pelee National Park

Shi, Ruiping     2004-2006
Environmental Magnetism; Windsor and Essex County