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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

New opportunities for undergraduate students in the School of the Environment will be updated here. Check back often!

Undergraduate thesis student (ongoing search)

The student will investigate the efficacy of remote sensing to quantify the decomposition process in organic matter, specifically whether wetland vegetation stands can be used to monitor changes in the spectral evolution of plant litter. This study will utilize laboratory experiments involving various analytical techniques, and tools for temporal analysis of remote sensing imagery. Ideally, local field sites will be identified and a ground monitoring campaign initiated. 

If interested, please contact: Dr. Cameron Proctor (

Research Assistant: UAVs and Agriculture

Start date: Ongoing search

Paid position: 2-5 days per week, minimum wage
Duration: Summer

Duties: to assist in field data collection of agricultural crops and tandem Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) monitoring over the growing season. The student will collect biophysical and biochemical measurements of growing crops, and be involved in the processing of UAV imagery and extraction of key metrics. This project will assess the potential for UAV imagery in the long term agricultural plots at Woodslee and Harrow. 

If interested, please contact: Dr. Cameron Proctor (

Research Assistant: Plant Roots and Remote Sensing

Start date: Ongoing search
Paid position: 2-5 days per week, $17.50 an hour

Duties: to assist in collection of remote sensing imagery of above and belowground plant biomass. The student will collect imagery of vegetation in the field and the lab and utilize automatic extraction workflows to quantify metrics of various plant parts (e.g. leaves, stems, roots). This project link root traits to the magnitude and composition root-soil-microbial interactions. 

If interested, please contact: Dr. Cameron Proctor (

GIS Technician

This position is part of the Ignite Program. Please visit this link for more information about Ignite: Ignite Program Information

Please apply for this position through the mySuccess portal: mySuccess portal

For any questions about the job posting or the application procedure, please contact Dr. Proctor (

Job Description:

The GIS technician will be responsible for the development and curation of a repository of Essex region spatial information assets from government, industry, and partner sources. The repository aims to facilitate the discovery and acquisition of spatial information assets for use by University of Windsor researchers and students, and will include storage of derivative products, tutorials, and comparative studies to help build upon previous work and showcase state of the art analysis.

The key duty of the GIS Technician is coordinating the intake of new spatial information assets, ensuring proper management of metadata, categorization, and quality control according to developed intake protocols which the technician will develop in coordination with a stakeholder committee. Associated tasks include contacting organizations with spatial information assets and keeping the acquisition procedures up to date, servicing requests for spatial information assets, and providing support and guidance on the appropriate GIS and remote sensing data products for certain projects.

The GIS Technician will further work to develop the repository to meet the needs of the University of Windsor community, which will include surveys and user-need assessment studies. The GIS Technician will identify barriers to discovery, acquisition, and use of spatial information assets and design workflows, training products, and information technology to minimize these barriers in coordination with the stakeholder committee. The technician will be tasked with quantifying the costs as well as the pro's and con's of various options to address user needs.

The GIS Technician position will provide an opportunity to develop competencies in the organization, analysis, and interpretation of spatial data for a wide user community, mirroring the role of a GIS Technician in the industry. By assisting in translating user needs into workable solutions the technician will gain relevant work experience and develop problem solving competencies. Furthermore, the technician will be responsible for proposing and presenting solutions to the stakeholder committee who will provide guidance and mentorship. The supervisor will provide initial training, help develop the intake protocol, and work with the technician to resolve the first requests for spatial assets, as well as evaluate the technician's responses to requests. The intake of assets will be tracked and evaluated for completeness and accuracy. 

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience with spatial information software acquired from courses or training, which may include (but not limited to): ArcGIS, ENVI, QGIS, ERDAS, R
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and experience conducting surveys, interviews, or needs assessments
  • The ability to work independently and as a team player
  • A firm understanding of computer hardware and software with the ability to utilize programming approaches to automate tasks
  • Experience conducting searches and/or familiarity with the major GIS and remote sensing data repositories

Working Hours: Weekday business hours/evenings/weekends/flexible; this position requires a mixture of remote and on-campus work

Estimated hours per week: 5-10 hours

Hourly rate of pay: $15/hour