Honours Certificate in Physics

Honours Certificate in Physics

The UWindsor Department of Physics offers an Honours Certificate in Physics.  This certificate will provide a pathway into physics graduate school for eligible students, including:

  • students with a three-year Bachelor of Science in Physics,
  • students with a four-year Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics,
  • students in other fields related to Physics,
  • current third-and-fourth-year undergraduate science and engineering students at the University of Windsor (certificate to be completed concurrently with their degree program.)

This certificate will provide students with fundamental knowledge needed to be successful upon acceptance into a physics graduate program.  The certificate will be awarded to students who complete eight courses in areas of physics that will provide them with sufficient background knowledge to pursue a physics graduate degree.

Students will engage in experiential learning by completing either an internship (SCIE-3990), undergraduate research (SCIE-3900), or service learning (SCIE-3800).

How to Apply

You can apply to the Honours Certificate in Physics at one the following websites:

The details of each course and its prerequisites can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar on page 668.


Students without prior course work in PHYS-2210 (modern physics or equivalent); PHYS-2500 (Mechanics or equivalent); MATH-2780 (vector calculus or equivalent); Math-2790 (differential equations or equivalent); MATH-3550 (special functions or equivalent) must complete these courses (or their equivalents) to allow enrolment in the required certificate courses named above as they are the necessary pre-requisites.

To qualify for the certificate, students will be required to successfully complete all eight courses at the University of Windsor. No transfer credit will be considered for this certificate.

No courses taken as part of the Honours Certificate in Physics can count towards a graduate degree.


For more information contact physics@uwindsor.ca or apply online.