Professor Maev, IDIR Director, Featured in UWindsor Daily News for New Research Project and Grant.

UWindsor researchers are designing a high-tech ‘smart’ spot welder combining ultrasound and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to dramatically improve the quality of welds in automotive body mass manufacturing.

The Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research (IDIR) teamed with co-applicant Robin Gras, professor of computer science, and industry partners Canadian Electrocoating Ltd. and Japanese Nadex Co. Ltd. on their project “Development of a new adaptive spot weld controller driven by an ultrasonic monitoring system.” With a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Alliance grant and partner money, the project award totals $962,000 over three years.

Physics Professor Roman Maev, Director of the IDIR (pictured above), explains, "We’ve created a smart device that uses AI to learn how to improve welding, and this is a perfect tool for AI because there is a massive amount of data to draw on since each factory can generate tens of thousands of spot welds each day.” 

A full description of this research project can be read here.

A link to the IDIR can be found here.



Physics students win notice at national congress.

UWindsor physics students came out on top at the Canadian Association of Physicists annual congress, held virtually June 7 to 11.

Graduate student Layale Bazzi (BSc Honours Physics and High Technology, 2019 - pictured at left) took first place in the division of Physics in Medicine and Biology for Best Oral Student Paper with her presentation, “Mapping Magnetic Field Around Metal with Pure Phase Encoding Magnetic Resonance Imaging.”  Bazzi, who serves in the lab of physics professor Dan Xiao, works on magnetic resonance imaging methodology development with a focus on high quality quantitative imaging around metal, such as those used in implants.

Recently graduated Emma Blanchette (BSc Honours Physics, 2021) took second place in the division of Physics in Medicine and Biology for Best Poster Student Presentation for a poster entitled “Quantification of Sensitivity and Specificity in a Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Diagnostic Assay for Pathogenic Bacteria Detection and Classification.” Blanchette works in the lab of Steve Rehse, and is a former recipient of the 2020 Lucjan Krause Scholarship. She begins her graduate studies at UWindsor in the fall of 2021.

Graduate student Jake Stephen (BSc Honours Physics, 2019) from the lab of TJ Hammond took second place in the division of Atomic and Molecular Physics – Canada for Best Poster Student Presentation for his work, entitled “Simple Measurement for Field Reconstruction.”   A full description can be read here



Aaron Bondy has been named the 2020 Recipient of the Tom & Mylo Drake Physics Research Prize.

The Department of Physics is pleased to announce that Mr. Aaron Bondy has been selected to be the 3rd recipient of the Tom & Mylo Drake Physics Research Prize.  Aaron will be receiving an award of $1200 to recognize his excellence in physics.

Professor Gordon Drake has chosen to endow this prize which is awarded annually to recognize and celebrate excellence in physics research achievement in honour of his family, Tom and Mylo Drake.

Aaron was selected to receive this prize for his exceptional record of research achievement that has been recognized at the national and international level.

The Department is proud of Aaron and all the other applicants who applied this year.  Every single applicant who applied was very deserving, and their excellence in physics research made this selection extremely difficult.  

Congratulations, Aaron!

Emma Blanchette has been named the 2020 Recipient of the Dr. Lucjan Krause Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics.

The Department of Physics is pleased to announce that Ms. Emma Blanchette has been selected to be the 4th recipient of the Lucjan Krause Scholarship.  Emma will be receiving an award of $1000 to recognize her excellence in physics.

Emma received this award for her consistent record of academic achievement, her dedication to excellence in research, and her commitment to service not only within the Department, but also to the Faculty of Science and the University, all of which bring recognition and honour to our Department.

Emma has been working in Professor Rehse's lab for three years, starting in the Fall of 2017, as a UWindsor Outstanding Scholars participant, a summer research intern, and an NSERC USRA recipient.  Congratulations, Emma!



Congratulations to Jeremy Marvin for Defending His M.Sc. Thesis!

Graduate student Jeremy Marvin successfully defended his Masters of Science Thesis, "Signal Optimization and Enhancement of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Discrimination of Bacterial Organisms," on Thursday, December 10th, 2020.  Jeremy's thesis details his efforts to reduce the extraneous background signal observed in the LIBS spectra of specimens not containing bacteria, to investigate data pre-processing techniques that could enhance discrimination, and to effectively invent a new subfield called "Microparticle Enhanced LIBS."  Jeremy greatly appreciates the efforts of his thesis committee consisting of Dr. Drew Marquardt (Chemistry/Biochemistry), Dr. Elena Maeva (Physics), and his advisor Dr. Rehse (Physics).  Jeremy's was the first graduate defense in our Department held virtually due to the mandatory Covid lockdown.  Congratulations, Jeremy! 

Congratulations to all the 2020 Department of Physics Graduates!

Physics Logo

The Department of Physics is very pleased to recognize all those degree recipients who were recognized at the 2020 Spring Commencement ceremony.

Andrew L Ouellette, Ph.D. Physics

“Adaptive, High-Resolution Ultrasound Phased Array Imaging for Use in the Inspection of Laser Brazed Joints in the Automotive Sector” (Advisor: Professor Roman Maev)

Rowine Sleiman, M. Sc. Physics

Madalina Csonti, B. Sc. Honours Biological Sciences and Physics

Jamieson Mastronardi, B. Sc. Honours Chemistry and Physics

Victoria Dominique Eskritt, B. Sc. Honours Physics

Alexi Jankulovski, B. Sc. Honours Physics (With Great Distinction)

Dimitrios Shinas, B. Sc. Honours Physics with Thesis (With Distinction)

Jean-Marc Albert Beneteau, B. Sc. Honours Physics (Medical Physics)

Rebecca Marie Daoud, B. Sc. Honours Physics (Medical Physics) (With Great Distinction)

Matthew Micsa, B. Sc. Honours Physics (Medical Physics) (With Distinction)

Andrew Simonitto, B. Sc. Honours Physics (Medical Physics) Co-operative Education

Mark Alan Armstrong, B. Sc. Honours Physics (Medical Physics) with Thesis (With Great Distinction)

Doris Noemi Rusu, B. Sc. Honours Physics (Physics and High Technology) with Thesis (With Great Distinction)

[Board of Governors Medal, Physics] Tristhal Parasram, B. Sc. Honours Physics and Computer Science (With Great Distinction)


UWindsor Women in Science Hosts Physics Professor Shohini Ghose

Shohini Ghose at UWindsor

On Friday, February 7, 2020, the University of Windsor Women in Science (WinS) group hosted Professor Shohini Ghose (Department of Physics, Wilfrid Laurier University) to give a public lecture entitled “Balancing the Gender Equation in Science.”  The event, held in the atrium space of the new Center of Research in Essex attracted interest and participants from all over campus and was very well received, sparking numerous important conversations.

Bazzi and Ghose in CORe Atrium

Layale Bazzi (M.Sc. Physics) leads a panel discussion with Professor Ghose following her presentation.

2019 Scholarship Winners Announced!

The Department of Physics is pleased to announce some of the winners of scholarships for excellence in physics in 2019.

Jankulovski and Rehse

Alexi Jankulovski (4th year BSc. Honours Physics with Co-op), pictured at left receiving her award from Dr. Rehse, was the recipient of the third annual Lucjan Krause Scholarship.  This scholarship awards $1000/year to a student enrolled in any Physics program to recognize their excellence in physics.  This scholarship has been established by Professor Krause’s family in his name to recognize deserving undergraduate students who through their academic and scientific endeavors bring recognition and honour to the University of Windsor’s Department of Physics.  Way to go, Alexi!

Drake and Ouellette

Andrew Ouellette (currently finalizing his Ph.D., Physics), was the second recipient of Tom & Mylo Drake Physics Research Prize.  This scholarship awards $1200/year to a student enrolled in any graduate physics program or in a 4th year undergraduate physics program to recognize their excellence in physics.  This prize has been endowed by University Professor Emeritus Dr. Gordon Drake (shown above at left awarding the prize to Andrew) in honor of his parents.  According to the requirements of the prize: “The award will be given annually to a student in Physics of good academic standing who exhibits the best research achievements, based on such considerations as referee reports for published work, prizes or other forms of recognition...”  Congratulations, Andrew!