Sci of Relief

Sci of Relief

Sci of Relief is an initiative that is built around a cohesive strategy to promote student well-being by increasing awareness and training on topics related to student mental health and wellness across the Faculty of Science, and by creating a safe and inclusive environment, faculty and staff.

Sci of Relief also hosts on-campus events and online projects to engage students and promote wellness in Science.


  • My Mondays – Held once a month, My Mondays gives students the opportunity to learn and engage in wellness activities that they can use to get them off to good start of their week. From arts and crafts to self-care tools, there is something for everyone.


  • Wellness Wednesdays – A couple of times a semester, Sci of Relief partners with Science Society to host Wellness Wednesdays to help students get through their week. With treats and tips, students enjoy the opportunity to take a break. 


  • Humans of Science UWindsor – This online platform, allows our undergraduate and graduate students to share their stories centered on facing and overcoming challenges and how our science community is there to support us. If you have a story to tell, please contact us. 


  • Sci of Relief Top Ten Student Stressor –Sci of Relief conducted a faculty-wide survey and identified the top 10 student stressors. If you are experiencing any of these stressors and need support, please check out the support links at the top of this page. 


Follow us on Instagram at @sciofrelief.uwin and @humansofscienceuofwAnd stay tuned for dates and times of our upcoming events and workshops.

If you are interested in learning more about Sci of Relief or joining our team as a science student volunteer, please contact or