Science Meets Art (SMArt)

Science Meets Art - Blackboard

Science Meets Art (SMArt) is an initiative that supports Science students to create science-focused art pieces that educate and stimulate discussion on an array of science concepts and topics. SMArt builds a creative and engaging learning environment both on and off campus that enriches the student culture in Science.

The following are some of our SMArt events and projects: 

  • SMArt Art – Our team members are encouraged to use their creative skills in developing art work that teaching and encourages others to engage in science. We are also open to new ideas and to work with our campus and community partners. Be sure to check out some of our latest projects on our website

  • SMArt Publications – Our team members work closely with our faculty and staff to create illustrations for scientific publication. These student-faculty partnerships have resulted in several annual publications in various scientific journals and some have also been selected as journal covers.

  • SMArt Inclusivity Posters – Our inclusivity posters highlight the importance of equity, diversity and inclusivity across all areas of science. Created by our SMArt team, these posters are free to public upon request.

  • SMArt Communication Masterclass – A series of hands-on workshops for UWindsor undergraduate and graduate students aimed at building critical communication skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Offered periodically throughout the year in collaboration with the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science. 

  • CORe Chalkboard Art – Located in the atrium of Essex Centre for Research Excellence (CORe), the 2 story chalkboard is the home of the SMArt’s chalk art projects. Throughout the year, various science-based chalk artworks are displayed for all the campus community to enjoy! 

  • I Love SMArt – An annual on campus art showing and sale held in mid-February to showcase the creative works of our team members. Aimed at stimulating discussion on an array of science concepts, volunteers interact with the student, staff and faculty community with science-based art. 

  • Science On Tap and Uncorked – SMArt team members are invited to showcase their art work at the community-based Science On Tap and Uncorked events hosted by the Faculty of Science. Volunteers use their art as a tool to educate the public about various scientific concepts and themes. 

  • WE-STEAM – Since 2019, SMArt have been active involved in the United Way WE-STEAM program afterschool program. SMArt volunteers use their art skills to educate elementary school students about science and the many careers paths within the field. 

  • Science Rendezvous – SMArt host a science-art booth at the annual Science Rendezvous event on campus. Engaging young students in science using art helps connect young minds to science!

For any faculty members, student groups, and/or community organizations who would like to collaborate, please fill out the form on our website: SMArtUWindsor Collaborate

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If you are interested in learning more about Science Meets Art or joining our team as a science student volunteer, please see our website at SMArtUWindsor or contact or