Faculty Guidance and Research

Each student at the PhD in Social Work program will work closely with a designated faculty advisor in their mutual area of research interest towards learning agenda, comprehensive exam proposal and paper, dissertation proposal, and dissertation for the entire duration of the program.

Through graduate research assistantship opportunities, students closely work with faculty members on research projects that often lead to dissemination through presentations and publications. Pedagogical skills are developed through faculty mentoring, classroom teaching opportunities in both BSW and MSW programs, as well as training offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Our faculty possess a wide range of substantive and research methodology expertise to support and guide students through the program. Current examples include local, national and international investigations aimed at advancing scholarly knowledge in a number of critically important social areas including: health, mental health, community capacity building, gerontology, poverty reduction and child welfare. Examples of our range of expertise in methodical inquiries include various forms of program evaluation, large scale survey design, a range of qualitative and quantitative methods including grounded theory, phenomenology, participatory research, theory development, secondary data analysis, as well as instrument development. 

For more information about our faculty members please visit our faculty profiles