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Why Study at UWindsor?

Did you Study Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology, or the Family in High School?

Our relevant, well-established, comprehensive programs involve the systematic study of the many components of social life, from face-to-face and family relations, to population characteristics and dynamics, law, education, gender, social classes, inequality, power, immigration, social movements, ethnicity, workers' rights, health, business, religion, government, and globalization. We aim to understand and explain social life in a changing world, and we invite you to study sociology with us at UWindsor.

Our approachable professors are award-winning researchers and teachers committed to your education and to public service. A cosmopolitan, welcoming environment and a tight-knit, supportive student society facilitate a rich, student-centred experience.

A degree in sociology provides rigorous training in research and communication skills, methodology, analytical tools, and theory, valued by employers, combined with detailed learning about specific social institutions.

Application Procedures

Applicants for full-time undergraduate studies must apply through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (O.U.A.C.). Current Ontario secondary school students should contact their guidance office for application instructions. All others use the O.U.A.C. 105 application form, which is available at all Ontario universities or on the web at

Review the University of Windsor 2020-2021 Viewbook (PDF format)

Note the following pages in particular:

Page 53 - Ontario Secondary School Admission Requirements

Page 50 - Application/Admission Information


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