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Undergraduate Committee Student Representatives

What are undergraduate student representatives?

Departmental decisions that affect you and future students are made by a committee comprised of faculty and students. The students are elected annually and represent your voice. If you have an issue you would like brought forward to the committee, please contact one of the following committee representatives.

How can I contact my representatives?

It's simple: you can email! You can address it to one or all of your representatives and it will be forwarded to the appropriate individuals.

Meet the 2021/2022 Student Representatives

Vanessa Bumanlag - Council Committee

My name is Vanessa Bumanlag and I am one of your 2021-2022 student representatives for the Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology council. I am currently in my third year of Criminology. One of my favourite aspects of being apart of the University is being able to network with thousands of different students within the faculty. By networking within the faculty within the past three years, I want to ensure that this academic school year that all students in the SAC faculty feel represented, advocated for and heard. In regards of COVID-19 this year, it has been a difficult transition that has required strenuous mental health and academic constraints. As being your student representative, I want to ensure that your concerns and comments are addressed and advocated. This year, we do have a few people of colour, including myself, sitting on the student representative council, which is important to ensuring all voices and marginalized students are heard and advocated for. One of my main tenets is striving for equity and inclusion, and want the student body to feel represented. If you have any concerns regarding any related to your academic journey, I am always available to assist in helping your transition a seamless one. As always, make sure you are setting time for yourself and making a distinct boundary for your academic success. Congratulations on making it this far, and good luck with your studies. Warmest Regards, Vanessa Bumanlag .

Rebecca Jevdic - Council Committee

Hello! My name is Rebecca Jevdic, and I am a third year double major in Sociology and Criminology. This is my first year as an undergraduate representative for the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology. I am excited to begin my work with SAC and hope to make this a good year. My interests include reading crime novels and watching crime shows, playing the piano, and spending time outdoors with family and friends. I am interested in both criminal law and business, and want to pursue a career in those areas. I am thrilled to meet other students this year as well as help in any way I can. I hope, despite the challenges COVID-19 presents, we can still make this an educational and good year! 

Samantha Spagnol - Council Committee

I am a 4th year Criminology Major with a Minor in Psychology and Philosophy. I hope to be a lawyer one day, but I am still unsure about what area of law I would like to specialize in. Currently I am a facilitator for the Bystander Intervention workshops here at the University of Windsor and I am passionate about cultivating a community of respect and where we can create change. I also volunteer at The Victory House which is an organization that helps to support and shelter women and children in times of crisis. Another big part of my life is the University of Windsor Women’s Hockey Team which I have been a player on throughout my four years here at the University. This is my first year sitting on the SAC Council and I am excited for a great year! 

Elena Toufeili - Undergraduate Committee and FCC

Hello everyone! My name is Elena Toufeili, I am a third year student and I am doing a double major for sociology and criminology. This will be my second year as the undergraduate representative and I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to making it a great year, despite the circumstances, and meeting everyone I have not gotten the chance to meet yet! A little more about myself, I love the field of law, I believe it is so interesting. I am half Lebanese and half Ukrainian, I love the sport of soccer, I love watching basketball (go raptors!), and I aspire to become a professor. Thank you for reading!