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Adding Activities to the CCR Database

Use the CCR New Position Request Form to request a new co-curricular activity be added to the database. This form is only for requesting that a new position be available for students to add to their records. This form is not for students to add activities to their individual co-curricular transcripts.

A Request Form must be submitted 30 days prior to the closing date of a particular database. The dates pertaining to each database can be found on the “About the Transcript” tab of mySuccess under “Important Dates”.

Before submitting a Request Form, be sure to have the following information prepared:

UWindsor Faculty/Staff Validators: You will be required to list a UWindsor Faculty/Staff member as the validator for the position. Please ensure you have this information prior to submitting the form. The validator must have a valid UWindsor Faculty/Staff e-mail account (Validator ID).

Descriptions: For new positions, please provide a detailed yet general third-person description of the duties involved in paragraph form. This description will appear on the student's official transcript, and the transcripts of others who may add the position in the future.

The DOs and DON’Ts of a Successful Position Request:

  • Do include a contact with a uwindsor email for the club/organization/employer/etc.
  • Do use an email that will continue to be used long-term for a contact.
  • Don't use a student email for the contact. For example, the contact for ABC club should have abc@uwindsor.ca as the email address, not johnsmith@uwindsor.ca (the current student president).
  • Do use a long-term faculty or staff member for the validator. 
  • Do inform us at ccr@uwindsor.ca if any information needs to be updated.

The Co-Curricular Record Coordinator reserves the right to edit positions and their descriptions, as well as request changes before approval.

Approved/Declined E-mail: You will receive an e-mail regarding the status of your application from the CCR Coordinator. Please note, this process can take time if further information and action is required.