Evaluating Your Teaching

Mid-Term Feedback

Mid-term feedback allows instructors the opportunity to improve their courses midstream and identify necessary changes that might greatly impact student learning before the course comes to an end. You can gather feedback from students or from colleagues by inviting them into your classroom and/or sharing your course materials. Resources include:

Student Evaluations of Teaching

Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) will be completed electronically for all online formal University of Windsor courses. During the last two weeks of class, prior to the beginning of the exam period, your students will receive a notification that they are to complete a SET form for your course. As the instructor, you will not have to distribute the forms, but you should provide students with the completion instructions  . You can also distribute these instructions with your Syllabus at the start of term, and again, during the last two weeks of classes. The following resources speak to the use of SETs, and response rates in online classes: