Assessment and Grading

Aligned Assessment Design

Assessment is a critical part of every course: not only does it give students opportunities to demonstrate their learning, it directs their approach to a course and their study habits. Effective assessments are aligned with course learning outcomes and teaching methods, so that the evaluation of students is consistent with all other elements of the course. This course planning worksheet  will help you align assessments with learning outcomes and teaching methods.

Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessments are meaningful and relevant assignments that engage students and foster deep learning, allowing students to develop and demonstrate a range of skills, knowledge and values. Resources include:

Going Online: What Types of Assessments Are Suitable?

Many types of assessments work well in the online environment. For example, weekly journals or regular discussions – where the focus is on formative and ongoing development – can be much easier to track and grade using online tools. Resources include:

Some types of performative assessments, particularly those involving specialized equipment will not translate well to an online environment. Proctored exams are also particularly problematic, given the limitations of technology, the challenges of observing activities in virtual space, and the equity issues embedded in policing student work.

How to Set Up Assignments and Tests in Blackboard

The Assignments Tool can be used to accept file submissions from students in a variety of formats and is ideal for take-home projects that students work on, either individually or in groups. The Test tool has 17 different question types and works best for quizzes and objective questions that can be marked automatically. The following links provide guidance on how to set up assignments and tests: