picture of indigenous peoples

Guiding Principles

Welcome to the CUBE, where Indigenous and Black scholars thrive, and their academic and career trajectories know no bounds.

The Indigenous & Black Student Talent Incubator ("The CUBE") envisions the development of a robust talent pipeline of academics and scholars with Indigenous and/or Black heritage at the University of Windsor. By identifying promising undergraduate and graduate students, The CUBE aims to create an environment that nurtures growth and advancement and bridges the gap between academia and careers. The CUBE is committed to preparing IB talent for both academia and the wider workplace. With a specific focus on increasing the number of IB students who successfully complete master's and doctoral degrees and pursue postdoctoral opportunities. The CUBE aims to strengthen the pool of IB candidates available to universities and enhance the presence of crucial Indigenous and Black scholars' perspectives in academic literature and faculty representation. Recognizing the imperative need to provide avenues for IB candidates to flourish in their teaching and scholarship, The CUBE seeks to amplify these often-unheard voices and perspectives. By doing so, we challenge the status quo, promoting equity and fostering a more comprehensive understanding of knowledge in academia and beyond.

  • Foster a safe and equitable space that goes beyond Western perspectives and practices
  • Value and embrace diverse cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and knowledge systems in academic discourse
  • Challenge and dismantle traditional power structures that marginalize and silence underrepresented voices
  • Enrich the academic landscape by redefining knowledge boundaries, promoting comprehensive representation of diverse cultural narratives, and empowering individuals from Indigenous and Black communities
  • Enabling culturally contextualized and appropriate mentoring
  • Developing communities of practice
  • Providing research experience and opportunities
  • Providing acedemic and career development support