picture of indigenous and black students and faculty members

Meet the Team

Board Members

Picture of Dr Kemi Anazodo

 Dr. Kemi Anazodo
 Assistant Professor
 Odette School of Business 
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Dr. Richard Douglass-Chin

 Dr. Richard Douglass-Chin
 Black Special Advisor
 Associate Professor,
 Departments of English/Women's
 and Gender Studies
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Jaimie Kechego Jaimie Kechego
 Indigenous Special Advisor
 Learning Specialist
 Centre for Teaching and Learning
 University of Windsor 
 Learn more about Jaimie Kechego

Picture of Camille Armour

 Camille Armour 
 Board Member
 Major Gift Officer
 Faculty of Arts
 Humanities and Social Sciences
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Danielle Matias

 Danielle Matias, M.Ed.,
 Board Member
 Human Kinetics
 Student Success Coordinator
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Farrah Francis

 Farrah Francis
 Board Member
 Career Consultant
 Career Development and
 Experiential Learning
 University of Windsor  

Picture of James Oloo

 Dr. James Oloo
 Board Member
 Assistant Professor
 Faculty of Education
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Kaitlyn Ellsworth

 Kaitlyn Ellsworth, MLIS(s), B.A., B.Ed,
 Board Member
 Black Student Support Coordinator
 Office of the Vice-President, PEI
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Kat Pasquach

 Kat Pasquach
 Board Member
 Aboriginal Outreach
 and Retention Coordinator
 Aboriginal Education Centre
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Leslie McCurdy

 Leslie McCurdy
 Board Member
 Li'l Ol' Me Productions 


Picture of Maya Jessop

 Maya Jessop
 Board Member
 M.A Graduate Student
 Department of English 
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Michelle Nahdee

 Michelle Nahdee, B.A., 
 Board Member
 Project Coordinator
 Indigenous Legal Studies
 Faculty of Law
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Ola Adeboye

 Ola Adeboboye, MA, BA
 Board Member
 Interim Director
 Student Sucess and
 Leadership Center
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Samuel Ehikhuenmen

 Samuel Ehikhuenmen
 Board Member
 Ph.D. Candidate
 Civil Engineering 
 University of Windsor 

Picture of Victoria Hecnar

 Victoria Hecnar
 Board Member
 Event Planning and 
 Aboriginal Education Centre 
 University of Windsor 







  1. Giselle Aiabens (Indigenous Enrolment Advisor - Office of Student Recruitment)
  2. Lila Iriburiro Happy, (B.A Graduate of Law and Politics - Department of Political Science)
  3. Nicole Balthazar (JD Graduate - Faculty of Law)
  4. Dr. Russel Evans (Assistant Professor of Accounting - Odette School of Business)
  5. Sarraounia Zannou (M.A Graduate Student - Department of English)





  • Build relationships and participate in outreach events, workshops, and community forums to raise awareness about our programs and resources.
  • Collaborate with community partners to develop strategic partnerships and expand our outreach to underrepresented populations.
  • Utilizes creative talents to enhance The CUBE's visual presence and brand identity. 
  • Contribute to developing a cohesive and engaging online presence through social media content and website design.
  • Plays a crucial role in planning, organizing, and promoting impactful events at The CUBE.
  • Assists in event marketing efforts, such as creating event announcements, managing social media campaigns, and reaching out to potential attendees.
  •  Coordinate grant and funding opportunities for students.
  • Identifies mentors for Indigenous and Black students aspiring to be scholars and practitioners. 
  • Provides support and guidance for students' academic and career journey.
  • Develops mentorship programs, resources, and workshops that empower students to achieve their goals.
  • Create student funding programs that recognize and support academic achievements.
  • Assist in reviewing scholarship applications, evaluating eligibility criteria, and ensuring a fair and transparent selection process.