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Yang Xiaoyu

Visiting Fellows

Yang Xiaoyu

February 25 - March 31, 2013Yang Xiaoyu

Yang Xiaoyu is a professor at Southwest University’s School of Foreign Languages, where she is acting supervisor for postgraduates as the Dean of the English Education Department. She is an expert in primary and secondary teacher training as part of the Chongqing Education Expert Association, and Chief Expert standing for the discipline of English under the National Teacher Training Program. She was awarded “National Outstanding Female Worker” by the All China Federation of Trade Unions and “Female Learning Model of Chongqing Municipality of Quality Standard Achievements” by the Chongqing Municipality Federation of Trade Unions. She has also been the recipient of many other awards, such as the first prize for The 2nd Southwest University Teaching Achievement Award, the second prize for The 1st Southwest University Teaching Achievement Award, and the 4th Young Scholar Outstanding Achievement Fund issued by Southwest University.   

Her main research areas are Teaching Material Development, Teaching Methodology, and Teacher Training for Primary and Secondary English Teaching. She was the chief editor for both the primary English textbook English This Way and the Standard Experiment textbook for senior middle school, which were among the first textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education of China. In 2011, she led a team to amend the junior middle school textbook Project English. She also edited English Songs This Way, which is a college English elective course textbook. In recent years, Yang Xiaoyu has been responsible for the Elementary Education Section of the Ministry of Education research programs, such as research on Senior Middle School English Curriculum and Textbook Development, and experimental research on English This Way, the textbook for Compulsory Education English Curriculum Standard. She also completed the research program on Teacher Training Model of Chongqing - Hong Kong Cooperation for Middle School English Teachers in Impoverished Areas of Chongqing, which is the key research program for the Eleven Five-year Planning of Chongqing Education Science Department. She has developed more than 100 textbooks and teachers’ books.

Yang Xiaoyu actively provides training to English teachers in kindergartens, primary and middle schools. As the member of the 1st group of experts under National Teacher Training Program, she devoted herself to elementary English education all through China. She has been invited to be a training expert in more than 10 universities for the National Teacher Training Program.