Resources for Continuous Learning and Action

Resources for Continuous Learning

Explore Courses on Black Studies & More

Undertaking the work of unlearning the deeply rooted colonial and racist practices of our institution necessitates learning the unique histories, cultures, challenges and achievements of the Black, African, and Caribbean Diaspora. The courses listed below are a non-exhaustive list of courses currently offered by the University in these areas. This list will be added to as the website evolves. 

  • Continuing Education - The Fundamentals of Race and Anti-Black Racism
  • ENGL3310 - Postcolonial Literature 
  • SACR-2400 Introduction to Race and Ethnicity 
  • SACR-4200 Advanced Seminar on Race and Ethnicity 
  • ENGL-3320 - Literatures of the African Diaspora
  • ENGL-3759 - Literatures is Contemporary America
  • HIST-3210 Colonialism in Africa, 1830/-1960/ 
  • HIST-3610 Slavery in North America, 1600-1877
  • HIST-3620 African Americans/Canadians After Emancipation, 1877 to the Present 
  • HIST - 4210 States of Apartheid: South Africa 

Note: The availability of these courses may vary by semester. 

Anti-Black Racism Resources

The following are recommended reading lists and training opportunities to serve as a starting point to educate yourself on Anti-Black Racism. 

Previous Institutional Reports on Racism, Oppression & Equity

Over the past 40 years, several reviews have been undertaken to examine racism, oppression, and equity at UWindsor. Confronting and learning from our past is a critical step in moving forward to usher in institutional change.