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Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair

Anti-Racism Chair

Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair

Application Deadline: March 1, 2021

The University of Windsor is creating an Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair (ARPTLC) beginning in July 2021. The ARPTLC will be selected from among permanent, full-time faculty members who will devote much of their service and, in some cases, elements of their research activities, to leading and supporting teaching and curricular initiatives focused on anti-racism pedagogies in their faculties and across the campus. In creating this new, focused Teaching Chair position, the University of Windsor will position itself as a leader amongst Canadian institutions of higher learning focused on teaching and learning enhancements by implementing an ARPTLC position. The Ontario Undergraduates' Student Alliance, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, and the Council of Ontario Universities have all advocated for establishing teaching chairs. Supported by central funds, this initiative has the potential to impact thousands of students, to replicate successes in one unit across other units efficiently, to foster support for necessary systemic change, and to create internal and external networks and opportunities and funding for cutting edge innovation. It will support faculty engagement and development, improve the student academic experience, and further engage the University of Windsor in national dialogue and efforts to foster anti-racism and anti-racist pedagogy and curriculum development.

The Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair is a tenured mid-career or senior faculty member with a strong track record as an innovative leader in Anti-racism pedagogies at the post- secondary level. The ARPTLC will focus on leading and supporting teaching and curricular initiatives focused on Anti-racism pedagogies across campus. They will have a strong track record as an influential teaching leader, and their applications will be endorsed by their Faculty Dean. Candidates will apply with a specific project in mind as part of their submission. Collaborative (two-applicant) proposals can be submitted for the opportunities to create two (2) Co-chair positions who will share the funding allocation.

In addition to the two (2) course releases to be utilized in accordance with the collective agreement, the Teaching Chair will be provided annual funding of $10,000/year over the 2-year term of the award. Eligible budget items will include travel, program development, knowledge mobilization and stipends for student project or research assistants. All expenditures will be required to adhere to University of Windsor guidelines.

The Chair will receive two (2) course releases per year and continue to carry out their other regular teaching duties: they will be credited for the emphasis on teaching and curriculum enhancement in their service and, to the degree that they pursue teaching and learning related research, in their research activities, for the duration of their terms as ARPTLC. The Chair will lead an initiative and fulfill roles such as providing leadership, mentorship and expanding the pace of pedagogical innovation. This may be through activities such as collaborating with the Office of Open Learning to develop online methodologies, publicizing teaching and learning enhancement opportunities on campus and beyond, establishing professional development program initiatives on campus, collaborating with the Centre for Teaching and Learning and their colleagues on projects, special events, and/or courses, stimulating teaching improvement among GAs and TAs, leading UWindsor delegations at national and international conferences on teaching and learning in higher education, and promoting research and publication projects in the area of the Scholarship of Anti-Racism Teaching and Learning (So ARTL).

*$10,000 is the amount for the grant. The actual cost for the ARPTLC will be $44,000/year.

  • Tenured professors, and AAS-Learning Specialists and Librarians with permanence and strong teaching records;

  • Research experience and/or expertise in the area of Equity Education, Anti-Racism Education, Anti-Racism Pedagogy as well as marginalization, disenfranchisement, critical race theory as it pertains to equity education, Anti-racism, Anti-Black racism, Anti- racism pedagogy;

  • Preference will be given to Black candidates

Applicants may want to consult among themselves as proposals involving collaborations are welcome.

Those interested in becoming an ARPTLC, please complete an application that includes:

  1. a cover letter outlining initial ideas for an initiative (or initiatives) to be undertaken during the two-year term of the ARPLC. Applicants are invited to target if they wish, a given theme or specialization in the area of Anti-racism Pedagogy and teaching leadership.

  2. a CV in the e-CV format;

  3. a teaching dossier (or portfolio) demonstrating your commitment and experience with university teaching and educational leadership;

  4. a statement that demonstrates your research expertise in this field; and

  5. the signature of your Dean as endorsement of your candidacy and commitment to the teaching and learning directions you propose. 

Applications can be emailed to ctl@uwindsor.ca with the subject title, "ARPTLC Application." 


  • Proposed Initiative(s):
    • Relevance of the proposed initiative(s)
    • Breadth or potential to have an impact beyond the home Faculty o Feasibility of the plan for implementation
    • Effective plan for funding
  • Evidence of educational leadership, particularly in the area of Anti-racism Pedagogies, including the breadth of the past leadership initiatives and evidence of impact
  • Evidence of peer collaboration and mentorship
  • Evidence of excellence as a teacher
  • Director of The Centre For Teaching and Learning
  • Additional advisory group representing equity seeking groups TBD
  • Designated Member of the Black Community,
  • Representative of The Office of The Provost,
  • Designated Faculty Member
  • Designated Staff Representative
  • Designated Student Representative

If you have any questions, please contact:

Marium Tolson-Murtty, Strategic Planning Officer
Office of the President

Dr. Erika Kustra, Director
The Centre for Teaching and Learning