Anti-Black Racism Initiatives Grants


In 2021, the University of Windsor launched the Anti-Black Racism Initiatives Grants. The purpose of the Grants is to provide opportunities to support Black scholarship, support the development of Black-focused courses, programs and pedagogies that address racism and anti-Black racism in specific, enhance student engagement and the student experience by supporting student-led research and leadership opportunities for Black students, and provide professional development focused both addressing anti-Black racism and empowering Black staff and faculty. 

Anti-Racist and Black-Focused Teaching & Learning Grants

  • Purpose:  
    • To support research projects that focus on aspects of teaching in higher education;
    • To support academic units and educational leaders in implementing course and curricular reforms; and
    • To support scholarship on learning and teaching as it relates to anti-Black racism pedagogy. 
  • Awards up to $5,000 for teaching and mentorship grants, and up to $10,000 for teams working on curriculum design 
  • Grant duration will be up to 24 months 
  • Deadline closed on June 30, 2021
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Student Leadership Experience Grant​s

  • Purpose: 
    • To foster student-led research and leadership skills
    • To enhance student engagement and the student experience
    • To assist in the training of highly creative and motivated students
  • Five grants will be awarded up to $10,000 each with a duration of up to 18 months
  • Deadline closed on May 2, 2021
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​Professional Development & Training Grants

  • Purpose: To foster learning and a deeper understanding of systems of anti-Black racism
  • Grants may be used for:
    • self-learning activities in collaboration with a mentor, supervisor, or instructor;
    • individual training to learn a skill or expand an area of competence relevant to one’s scope of practice;
    • attendance at a conference for workshop;
    • tuition for courses;
    • guest speakers for academic or non-academic.
  • Awards up to $2,000 for uWindsor staff and faculty for activities that foster learning and a deeper understanding of systems of anti-Black racism  
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Contact Marium Tolson-Murtty, Director, Anti-Racism Organizational Change
Office of the Vice-President | Equity, Diversity & Inclusion