Master of Business Administration

Take the Lead with Odette MBA Immersive. Experiential. Fast. Exciting. Relevant.

The Odette MBA provides students with a personalized preparation for a successful career in business. The unique program offers students a fast-paced learning environment using an experiential approach to education. The Odette MBA welcomes non-business background students and although there is no required work-experience in order to apply, many applicants typically have between two to five years of working experience.


Students of the Odette MBA program enjoy an education experience that is both stimulating and captivating. In addition to traditional studies, Odette MBA students are involved in various aspects of learning including participation in community projects, numerous networking opportunities, industry events and much more.


With no more than 48 students in the program, students can also count on a customized learning experience and intense personal engagement from leading faculty, who will challenge, encourage and motivate students to excel. The Odette MBA faculty is comprised of world-renowned scholars, researchers, business practitioners and industry leaders. Given the small class size, Odette MBA students enjoy a strong program culture where they work closely and network with peers, faculty and others.


The Odette MBA is a full curriculum that is condensed into a 14-month program, which allows students to become fully engrossed in their MBA experience while also gaining the understanding of the importance and value of delivering quality work and effort, faster.


The Odette MBA also allows students to personalize their education and gain a broader cultural experience through the final semester exchange program. Students can finish their MBA with any of our partnering schools located throughout Ontario and overseas. The Odette School of Business and The University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law are also proud to offer students a four year integrated Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Juris Doctor (JD) program.


Using advanced education and collaboration, the Odette MBA integrates real-world corporate projects and personalized instruction, through the exclusive APEX (Advanced Program for Experiential Consulting) program; a co-op setting redefined, where students work on real business challenges alongside the leaders of prominent corporate partners such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Avis International Corp., Crayola Canada and more. Odette MBA students work closely with these partners and others, gaining invaluable experiences by working on authentic mandates from the marketplace.




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Priya Sharma 


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Corporate Philanthropy: A Systematic Review 



Thursday August 26th, 2021 

Time:  10:00 am.