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Master of Business Administration

Empowering students to create a meaningful educational experience

The Odette 16-month full-time Master of Business Administration provides students with personalized preparation for a successful career in business. 

Program highlights include: 

  • 94% employment rate of graduates after six months (2022 Graduate Survey)
  • Gain real world experience through corporate experiential learning
  • No business undergraduate degree or work experience required, students with diverse educational and work backgrounds are encouraged to apply
  • Taught by award winning and internationally recognized faculty
  • Small class sizes (maximum 50 students) allow for networking opportunities with students and professors from diverse backgrounds and rich career experiences
  • $73,000 starting average salary of graduates (2022 Graduate Survey)
  • Eligible to apply for scholarships at Odette and UWindsor
  • One of the most affordable and high-quality MBAs in Ontario

Applications for Fall 2024 are now open.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Full-Time MBA program is 16 months, from September to December of the next year.

This is a full-time program divided into four semesters that combines core business fundamentals and theory with practical experience. The semesters are consecutive, with short breaks in between but no semesters off.

Semester 1: Fall

BUSI-8010 Leadership and Interpersonal Dynamics

BUSI-8020 Core Concepts of Accounting I

BUSI-8030 Introduction to Financial Management

BUSI-8050 Marketing Management

BUSI-8140 Digital Business Systems


Semester 2: Winter

BUSI-8100 Core Concepts of Accounting II

BUSI-8120 Financial Management

BUSI-8130 Human Resources Management

STEN-8900 Entrepreneurship: New Venture Formation and Management

STEN-8110 Project Management I


Semester 3: Summer

MGMT-8600 Business Ethics and Sustainability

MGMT-8460 Dynamics of Business Negotiations

STEN-8120 Project Management II

STEN-8980 Strategic Management

BUSI-8150 Business Analytics


Semester 4: Fall

One of the following:

  • STEN-8930 MBA Mandate Consulting
  • BUSI-8960 Major Paper
  • Two 8000 level business courses
  • Two 8000 level business courses taken as part of the international exchange program

View the UWindsor Tuition Fee Estimator to determine costs. Please note the calculator estimates fees per semester.

You can find our admission requirements here. Please note there is a $125 non-refundable fee to apply. 

Admission is only for the fall semester, we do not have a winter or summer intake. Classes start early September every year.

Yes, bursaries are available through the Odette School of Business and the University of Windsor. Please note we do not offer full-ride scholarships.

Learn more about scholarships and bursaries on the Graduate Studies website.

We do not offer pre-evaluations of your application. We encourage you to apply if you meet the admission criteria we have listed and are interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of business in a fast-paced learning environment with an experiential approach to education. Please note that class sizes are capped at 50 students.

Yes, the GMAT is a requirement for admission into the program. However, the GRE is considered to be an acceptable alternative.

Integrated real-world corporate projects and personalized instruction

Through the Advanced Program for Experiential Consulting (APEX), Corporate Mandates, and working with external organizations in coursework, students work on real business challenges alongside the leaders of prominent corporate partners such as:

  • Ontario Securities Commission
  • Windsor Family Credit Union
  • Stellantis
  • Windsor Regional Hospital 
  • Saint John Sea Dogs
  • City of Windsor
  • OSC (Ontario Securities Commission)
  • BDC and many others!

Advanced Program for Experiential Consulting (APEX) 

APEX is an exclusive and integrated offering to the Odette MBA, allowing students the opportunity to develop skills and demonstrate abilities by providing real solutions to real clients in the real world. MBA student teams are paired with corporate partners to consult on challenges the partner is experiencing, providing students exposure to new industries, corporate contacts, and experiential learning.  

University of Dallas Cybersecurity Certificate

For Odette MBA students interested in additional education in cybersecurity, we offer the online Cybersecurity Certification Program in partnership with the University of Dallas.

The Odette School of Business is the first Canadian university to partner with the University of Dallas’s Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business, designated in the U.S. as a national center of academic excellence in cyber defense education by the National Security Agency (NSA), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

Students will develop specialized skills in areas of data protection, compliance and legal issues, and operational cybersecurity management or network security. 

The program is 12 credit hours and 4 courses. Students must first take the prerequisite course: CYBS 5F70: Foundations of Cybersecurity, which can be taken during the Odette MBA program, plus 3 additional courses, for a total of 4 courses. The remaining 3 courses include:

  • CYBS 6350: Data Protection
  • CYBS 6355: Compliance and Legal Issues
  • CYBS 7350: Operational Cybersecurity Management or CYBS 7357: Network Security

The total cost, 50% off for Odette students, is $7,500. $1,500 for the foundations course and $2,000 for each of the remaining 3 courses. 


"After finishing my MBA, I was able to utilize the skills I learned in the classroom in my current job. Courses like project management allowed me to organize and ensure my current projects have an attainable action plan and stay within the scope of work.

During my MBA, I had the opportunity to work on a corporate level project that touched on all aspects of the business. Now, after my MBA, when given a project or task by my manager, I am able to consider all the tasks that come along with this project from all the portfolio my organization offers."

Ronak Doowd, MBA ‘22

"I would describe my time at Odette as a journey of personal understanding and development that transformed my capabilities and career trajectory. I found that every member of staff I interacted with was committed to a common purpose of investing in students and keeping students motivated; this pushed me to becoming a better version of myself."

Samuel Adeyemi, MBA ‘15

"Coming from a nursing background, the Odette MBA program accelerated my experiential opportunities combining my interests in healthcare and business. This program provided an expanded professional network and transferable skill set. Thanks to the Odette MBA program, I strive for a future in the healthcare strategy consulting industry."

Isabella Baggio, RN, BScN, MBA '22