MBA student

MBA - Managers & Professionals

Designed for professionals to advance their education

Intended for mid-career professionals with a minimum of five years work experience, the MBA for Managers and Professionals program is ideal for students looking to balance their careers, education, and personal lives. 

Program highlights include: 

  • Two year program with classes every other weekend to allow for school, life, and work balance
  • No business undergraduate degree required, students with diverse educational and work backgrounds are encouraged to apply
  • Taught by award winning and internationally recognized faculty
  • Eligible to apply for scholarships at Odette and UWindsor
  • Offered primarily online with some residency weekend requirement

Please note this program is on hiatus until 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Odette MBA M&P program takes two years to complete. Taught online with some residency weekend requirements, classes occur every second weekend on Friday nights and Saturday days.

Year 1

Module 1: August-October

  • Leadership and Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Accounting

Module 2: November-January

  • Intro to Financial Management
  • Digital Business Systems

Module 3: February-April

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship

Module 4: May-July

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management II

Year 2

Module 5: August-October

  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Ethics and Sustainability

Module 6: November-January

  • Dynamics of Business Negotiations
  • Choice between two courses

Module 7: February-April

  • Strategic Management
  • Choice between two courses

Module 8: May-July

  • Capstone Project
  • Consumer Behavior

You can find our admission requirements here. Please note there is a $125 non-refundable fee to apply.