GA/TA Formative Feedback Form

This optional form can be used by graduate (GA) and undergraduate (TA) teaching assistants to collect feedback from students in the course they are assisting with. The feedback collected may assists GAs/TAs in developing and improving their skills, and ensure a standard of acceptable employee performance, as outlined in Article 10 of the CUPE local 4580 collective agreement.

Please note, and as outlined above, this feedback form is optional and intended for formative use only and should not be used for any punitive purposes or measures.

How to use:

  1. If you do not have a Qualtrics account, you can open a ticket to request access. Please note that it is important to remember your Qualtrics password because it is not necessarily the same as your UWIN ID password.
  2. Download the Qualtrics form titled “GATA_Feedback_Form.qsf
  3. In Qualtrics select create a new project
  4. Select "Survey from scratch" and then click "Get Started"
  5. Click the drop down menu and select "Import a QSF file"
  6. Then select the file from your device (be sure to save it to your device as it will not show up in downloads)
  7. Lastly, select create project
  8. Return to the Projects page and you should now see your new survey
  9. Prior to sharing the feedback form with your students, don’t forget fill in your GA/TA and course details in Q2

View additional details. Please also note that once you import a copy of the formative feedback form, only you will have access to it. The CTL, nor the GATA Network, nor anyone else will have access to your survey or it’s responses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the GATA Network.