BA in Drama and Communication, Media and Film


Drama and Communication, Media and Film is a dynamic and flexible program offered jointly by the School of Dramatic Art the Department of Communication, Media and Film. This double major will give you both knowledge and practical experience in both disciplines.

Your studies in Dramatic Art may include courses in set and costume design, video, film, theatre production, theatre history, and performance.

Required courses in Communication, Media and Film will provide you with critical perspectives on media industries, media content, and the socio-cultural and political-economic implications of contemporary communication technologies. You may choose to take courses in digital media production through consultation with an academic advisor.

Drama and Communication, Media and Film includes opportunities in more specialized areas in theatre production, performance, media studies and digital media production after first year. Advanced students will have the opportunity to pursue internships and Work Study opportunities at University Players.

Career Paths

  • Television and video production and post-production
  • Film/theatre director
  • Theatre for social action practitioner
  • Graduate school
  • Administrator
  • Actor
  • Teacher (with additional studies)

Required Courses

While every attempt is made to keep this up to date, please keep in mind that the official list of required courses can be found in the Undergraduate Course Calendar.

Dramatic Art: 16 Courses

DRAM 1000 Nature of Theatre I
DRAM 2000 Nature of Theatre II
DRAM 4210 Television Performance

At least one from each category:
A (Performance)
B (Theatre History/Theory)
C (Technical/Design)

10 additional courses from Dramatic Art

Flexibility in course choices in Dramatic Art allows the student to focus on an area of production of interest to the student.

Communication, Media and Film: 16 Courses

CMAF 1010 Introduction to Communication Studies
CMAF 2340 Foundations of Research Methods in Communication Studies
CMAF 2750 Foundations of Communications Theory
CMAF 2250 Media Literacy

11 additional courses from Communication Studies

At least one Communication Studies course must be at the 3000 level, and
at least two Communication Studies courses must be at the 4000 level.

Other Requirements: 8 Courses

GART 1500 Effective Writing I (Must be taken in Fall of First Year)
GART 1510 Effective Writing II (Must be taken in Winter of First Year)
2 Language or Science courses
2 English courses (Recommended: ENGL 1220 and ENGL 1230)
1 additional option, excluding Dramatic Art and Communication Studies
1 course at 3000 level or above from any area of study, including Dramatic Art and Communication, Media and Film