Concurrent General (Drama) and Education

This program allows you to complete a three-year Bachelor of Arts in Drama with the two-year Education program, concurrently.

This program is for students interested in teaching at the Intermediate level (7-12). You will experience first-hand the benefits of using drama as a vehicle to teaching and learning.

Required courses provide a solid foundation from which you can build a solid teaching career.

You will have the option to complete an honours degree by completing a sixth year.

Building a second teachable is necessary for this program to teach at the intermediate (7-12) level.

Required Courses

While every attempt is made to keep this up to date, please keep in mind that the official list of required courses can be found in the Undergraduate Course Calendar.

Your first year:
DRAM-1000 Intro to Theatre I (+ lab)
DRAM-2000 Intro to Theatre II (+ lab)
DRAM-1600 Intro to Drama in Education & Community I
DRAM-1610 Intro to Drama in Education & Community II
GART-1500 Effective Writing I
GART-1510 Effective Writing II

Year II:
DRAM-2250 Introductory to Acting I
DRAM-2600 Drama in the Classroom I: Principles & Theories
DRAM-2770 Improvisation of Self
DRAM-2350 Introductory Acting II or 24-278 Improvisation: Working with Text
DRAM-2610 Drama in the classroom:  Applications I
DRAM-2840 Creative Voice & Movement or 24-267 Drama in Community

Year III:

All Education Courses

Year IV:
Two Studio courses (see below)
DRAM-3600 Drama in the Classroom: Applications II

Two from the following studio courses DRAM-371, DRAM-378, DRAM-470, DRAM-471
Two courses from any area of study excluding Drama
Five courses from any area of study including Drama
Education Course: 80-299 Teaching and Learning Part I (50 hours over two semesters

Year V:

All Education Courses