Program Overview


Tim Tiegs
Program Coordinator of B.Ed. Degree/Diploma in Technological Studies

Dana Datta
Program Secretary

Candidates in this program will take courses over two summers and an Internship/Practicum, undertaken in the candidate’s home teaching location, whenever possible. Courses will be designed to be meaningful to candidates regardless of their broad-based discipline. Assignments, however, will be discipline-specific. The program will be offered over a 14-month period in two summer institutes with the Internship/Practicum being completed during the intervening Fall/Winter school year.

Following successful completion of Summer I courses and ten (10) days of practice teaching, you will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for a Transitional Certificate of Qualification, which allows teacher candidates who find employment within a school board to teach full-time in the Fall/Winter following Summer I.

If you are not teaching on a Letter of Permission as described above, you are required to complete a minimum 80-day practicum placement in your Broad-Based Technological area between Summer I and Summer II. Failure to complete a successful 80-day minimum practicum will result in suspension to Summer II of the program.

Please note: The 80-day minimum practicum will be scheduled into blocks of time during the secondary school year. These placements will take place during the months of September through June at high schools and arranged solely through the Faculty of Education. Every effort will be made to place you in schools in your home district. You will be required to be in attendance full-time in the school during your practicum placements.

For full program information, see pages 380-83 of the University of Windsor's Spring 2022 Undergraduate Calendar: Bachelor of Education in Technological Studies/Diploma in Education - Technological Studies

Course Sequencing:

Summer I

EDUC 5203     Psychology In Education (online)
EDUC 5208     Assessment and Evaluation (online)
EDUC 5332     Digital Technology (online)
EDUC 5386     Curriculum Development for Technological Studies: Part I (on campus) 
EDUC 5388     Principles and Methods of Teaching Technological Studies: Part I (on campus)


EDUC 5201    Philosophical Orientation to Education (online)
EDUC 5204    Differentiated Instruction (online)
EDUC 5497    Internship (fall and winter)
EDUC 5498    Practicum (fall and winter)


EDUC 5202    Classroom Practice (online)
EDUC 5209    Critical Analysis of Social, Global & Cultural Issues (online)
EDUC 5497    Internship (fall and winter)
EDUC 5498    Practicum (fall and winter)

Summer II

EDUC 5205     Educational Foundations, Law and Ethics (online)
EDUC 5206     Aboriginal Ways of Knowing (online)
EDUC 5334     Language Across the Curriculum (online)
EDUC 5339     Career and Guidance (online)
EDUC 5387     Curriculum Development for Technological Studies: Part  II (on campus)
EDUC 5389     Principles and Methods of Teaching Technological Studies: Part II (on campus)