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Thesis Stream

Thesis stream students are required to successfully complete the equivalent of a minimum of 10 term courses.

Three areas of concentration: Curriculum Studies, Educational Administration, & Second Language Acquisition in Culture and Society (SLACS)

Specific requirements include:

  • 2 compulsory courses: Research in Education (EDUC-8270) and Statistics in Education (EDUC-8100)
  • Registration and completion of a Thesis Proposal (EDUC-8940)
  • A research project resulting in a Thesis (EDUC-8970)
  • Candidates in Curriculum Studies are required to complete Fundamentals of Curriculum Theory (EDUC-8240) and 3 additional courses, at least 2 of which must be selected from Curriculum Studies
  • Candidates in Educational Administration are required to complete Theories of Educational Administration (EDUC-8290) and 3 additional courses, at least 2 of which must be selected from Educational Administration
  • Candidates in the Second Language Acquisition, Culture and Society concentration are required to complete Theories and Approaches in Language Acquisition & Instruction (EDUC-8390), and are additionally required to complete two of the following four courses:
    • EDUC-8400 (Language Culture and Society),
    • EDUC-8420 (Language Systems Analysis),
    • EDUC-8430 (Special Education and Language Acquisition), and
    • EDUC-8910 (Language Assessment). It is important to note that with regard to these four courses, SLACS candidates are encouraged to take, as available, the two remaining courses not taken as compulsory courses as additional courses for this concentration.

Full Time students must maintain continuous registration through all terms in the M.Ed. program and complete the degree within 3 years of their first registration.

Part Time students are permitted to miss registering for 1 term without a re-application charge and must complete the degree within 5 years of their first registration. Part-time students may not carry more than 1 course in any term.

Candidates with previous courses in research methods or statistics may make a request to the Graduate Committee of the Faculty for permission to substitute other courses for either one or both of EDUC-8270 and EDUC-8100.

Transfer Credit: While the student is registered in the M.Ed. program, credit for up to two graduate term courses normally may be applied towards the degree from another Faculty at the University of Windsor or transferred from another accredited institution. Candidates must receive the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research or designate before taking such courses. Credit will be granted only for courses completed with at least a B standing.

Track your progress through the Thesis Stream using the following link:

Thesis Proposal Procedures

Before the Thesis Proposal Defence

Forms that must be submitted to the Education Graduate Program Office:

Before the Thesis Defense

  • PDF Download Thesis Defense Request Form (to be submitted to the Education Graduate Office by the Advisor)
  • Thesis Related Forms through the Faculty of Graduate Studies External Link such as:
    • Author's Declaration of Originality
    • Declaration of Co-Authorship / previous publication
    • Non-exclusive License to the University of Windsor

After the Thesis Defense