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Masters Program Information

The M.Ed. program provides students with an opportunity to pursue advanced studies in education and to build a foundation of important critical scholarly skills appropriate for the work of developing scholars and researchers in the field of education. 

"The Faculty of Education, in particular, and grad studies in general, at the University of Windsor have transformed me holistically from what I was in the past as a teacher to who I am today. It has impacted me intellectually, emotionally, creatively, artistically and socially." -Syed Ali Nasir Zaidi, MA, M.Ed. (SLACS)

Upon being admitted to the program, students chose one of three areas of concentrations in which to conduct their studies:

  1. Curriculum Studies
  2. Educational Administration and Leadership
  3. Second Language Acquisition, Culture and Society

Furthermore, students have the option to complete the M.Ed. degree by following one of three streams:

  1. Course-Based Stream
  2. Major Paper Stream
  3. Thesis Stream

Courses are primarily on-site in the M.Ed. regular program.  Occassionally courses may be offered online.  Full-time and part-time study opportunities are available.

Students are required to complete 10 credits in the M.Ed. Program. The credits are determined by the stream being completed, as seen below:   

  • Students following the Course- Based stream will take 10 courses, where the tenth course is the Final Project Seminar. 
  • Students following the Major Paper stream will take 8 courses plus 2 credits for the Major Paper.  
  • Students following the Thesis stream will take 6 courses plus 4 credits for the Thesis. 


NOTE: The M.Ed. programs are not designed to prepare you for teacher licensure or certification. Please see the Ontario College of Teacher link for further information on how to become a teacher and also for information specifically for internationally educated teachers who wish to practice in Ontario. See: